Saturday, 18 August 2012

Few Randoms

There are a few things/phrases that bug me.  Since I write this blog it will be about what I see as not so important to rant/bitch or just talk about.  I guess that's why I have this little piece of the interweb or tinternet.

YES I hate those two last words - LAZY.

Ok I cut right to the chase and I am throwing you right into the crap that bugs me and by all means is it NOT an exhaustive list.

1. A guy should never say,"Do you have anymore bog roll?" Seriously? Toilet paper is to long of a word?

2. I kinda like the phrase "pack it in" which means stop it already.  There is a commercial where a kid is yelling at her dad saying "pack it in, you're showing me up" It makes me want to grab whoever made the commercial and show them manners! If our dwarfs ever told one of us to "pack it in" oh man...

3. Using Facebook to make people ask you whats wrong and then never answer. LAME

4. The texting culture in England (limited to people I text) NEVER spelling HAVE they say hav - seriously is that "e" going to make or break you? There are tons of things that bug me in texting but that tops it!

Ok Ok This is just a touch but I can't get to fired up or what else can I talk about at a later date?

snow wife

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The House Hunt

Well I have been house hunting for years but just recently it seems that Prince Charming has got on board for real, real!

We live in a matchbox - seriously. I have never lived someone so small but its an experience right?

So I have this list called, "All I want" because PC always says, "Oh its all you want but what about xyz."  HA so yes it became a list.

We have a looked at a few houses but the last one I said oh perfect this lil freaking room could become the master bathroom aka en suite. He said why there is a bathroom right here? UMMMM Do you hear me? This was my very first ALL I WANT - I want/need my own bathroom.  I don't like sharing towels or bathroom stuff. I want to keep my make up and stuff in the bathroom NOT on the dresser in the bedroom.
Please god get me a shaver plug too (110v) so I can plug in my toothbrush in the bathroom not the kitchen once a week!

Sorry I got carried away....

PC says thats nuts so I say then lets move on because I dont want this house if I cant have my own bathroom.  Deal breaker? I was like Yep.

So if it happens I *will* get my bathroom and the plans in my head include a walk in closet too since it is a small room to make into shower room and closet LOL

Give me an inch and I will take a mile when it comes to "all I want".

snow wife

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Awww suck it

Is what I feel like saying sometimes.  I do always try to see the positive things of most things but there are these details that crawl under my skin and I can't shake them - EVER!
Being an educated expat wife, mom, stepmom and friend is stupid hard but we just plow on and smoosh a smile on our face.
I am educated yet I can't find a job so I feel as if I am sponging of PC and I always feel bad spending "his" money.  Yes I know its "our" money and he doesn't say don't but I have never lost this sense of independence.
I don't have the same friend circle even after all these years here which kinda sucks too.
I have gained weight and feel miserable but don't have the money to spend on a gym because at this point I think this is what I need.
Am I a good wife? I hope so even with my snotty moments I am sure he loves me to pieces.
Mom/Stepmom? I say hell yes I am as our life revolves around their health and happiness.  Sometimes I still don't feel good enough.  I am sure this is my own hang up but it is what it is - right?

Thank goodness I drive and have that freedom or I might have killed someone by now!

snow wife