Monday, 24 January 2011

Cuppa Anyone?

You will never believe how much actual tea is consumed in England...Seriously.
If you look at the UK Tea Council (yes there is such a thing) is shows 165,000,000 cups are consumed a day!
UK Tea Council even says:
Q: How many cups a day?
A: The recommended number of cups of tea to drink each day is 4, this gives you optimal benefits.

WOW I never knew it had benefits!

I could never tell the difference between tea bags since tea was tea but now I can totally taste a difference since I do now consume at least 2 cups a day of hot tea. Who the hell am I?
I used to be an iced tea freak with those perfect shaved ice crystals and I would drink this all day long.
Gone are the days of accessible ice since my freezer is 3 drawers the size of a college/university dorm fridge, so I have moved to mucho amounts of water a day. A cuppa aka a cup of tea invades my being at least 2 times a day since I get chilly and think, "yeah a cup of tea will work." Now I was always Mrs. No Sugar in my iced tea and I mean AT ALL if it touched it, I would toss it and get a new one.
Hot Tea? It started out as the same type of love affair just plain brewed...then 1 sugar snuck in, and then this idiot Mr. Milk got involved and now he is part of my tea as well.
Yeah - I am that person - Cuppa with 1 sugar and milk...Who knew?

I like PG Tips only because of the mascot, ok not really but it goes well with our water. I do enjoy a mint tea but not the peppermint tea they have in England as it reminds of something gross. I actually get mint tea from the USA and that is my treat which I drink with no milk - I am weird.

Tea is such a culture thing here that friend and even the hubster joke that tea solves everything.
Doctor: You have XYZ disease.
Patient: Oh
Doctor: Do you want a cuppa?

Watch the shows and when anything goes wrong a cuppa is offered right away. We were watching The Holiday and Jack Black (Miles) and Kate Winslet (Iris) were sitting on the couch after Miles found out his girlfriend was cheating on him and Kate came in with a cuppa and offered it to him (of course he took the vodka). She is British and knows the culture as did the director always offer tea - full. stop.

Stop and watch now as you will notice it more and more...
Oh and remember if something goes bad always offer a cuppa and keep the sugar aware from my brewed iced tea.

snow wife
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  1. I saw this post on ravelry today about dirty little secrets and it made me think of this post:

    "I’m English. We’re known for our love of tea. A cup of tea makes everything OK again. Fallen out with your best friend ? Have a cup of tea . Had a row with the boyfriend ? Have a cup of tea . Even during WW2, when we were bombed, housewives blamed Hitler personally but said even he couldn’t stop them from putting the kettle on & having a nice cup of tea :o) (source - a local history book.) However - my dirty little secret ? I HATE TEA !!! :o)"