Monday, 9 May 2011

We all need a recap once in awhile - right?

So much news has happened from April to now - I needed a recap and I know you did too since you may have forgotten the events or just didn't know yet - see #4 news

1. April 29th - The Royal Circus Wedding.  It was beautiful to watch but I didn't need 24 hours of it and the many months leading up to it.  I admit I didn't give a rat's ass but I did want to see the kiss from the balcony.  why?  I was hoping he would dip her and give her a proper snog not a basic peck. Sadly that didn't happen.
I did buy this mug because I loved it! You should check out her site and if you fancy a mug as well you can get one no matter where you live!

2. May 2nd - President Obama announced Osama bin Laden is dead.  He was killed by Navy Seal team #6 in Pakistan.  The world went crazy.  Some celebrated in the streets by chanting USA and others felt relief but knew this wasn't really over since terrorism doesn't die with one man. It was a key piece of history but I don't believe anything is really over.  You can choose to disagree since I admire freedom of speech.

3. May 5th - AV voting here in the UK.  The referendum didn't pass which I thought was a shame.  I was hoping it would shake up the voting here since I am told over and our seats don't change *insert party here* has had *insert part of the country* for donkey's years. Well then they keep voting for the same ol same and that is the people's fault.  No we don't even get a presence for the other party so yes you go with the only one you have a clue about.  I think this is a lazy problem but I understand it from a political advertising campaign.  I just hoped this AV would shake that up - it lost big style.

4. May 9th - the most important news EVER.  US X factor judges have all been confirmed. Cheryl Cole IS on the panel (woohoo) and confirmed on Sunday night Paula Abdul is BACK (holy mole). Yeah Yeah Nicole Scherzinger is gonna host but I could give a rat's ass.  Let's go US X factor - I cant wait to see if they do it the same or if it will turn into American Idol BS (because I could never ever watch AI).

Well that is my news recap as it keeps me on my toes and always me to reflect years and years from now when I let my dwarf take over this blog (I must still be sleeping).

snow wife

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”
 Robert Brault  - Poet

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