Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mornings and Towels

Do you ever wake up and go what friggin day is it? What did I have to do? Where was I suppose to be?
Crap it's Monday not Friday
Welcome to my head *taking a bow*

I swear, almost everyday I wake up and have to think hard to remember what the day is because lately I feel as if I don't know whether I am coming or going. Let's remember I have a hard time sleeping so that doesn't help because there are days I am sleep deprived. There are nights I am not falling asleep till 330am and waking up at 730am and going all day long *sigh*
It isn't very often but this is why I wake up and think, "Crap what day is it?"

*warning: this will veer off to another small rant*

I do what I believe most human beings to when they wake up...I head to the bathroom and hit the toilet and then wash my hands. As I lean to grab the hand towel I cringe there is toothpaste all over the hand towel.
Ok I am pretty sure I was raised you use water to rinse off your mouth before drying it on the hand towel?
The purpose of the hand towel is to DRY your clean hands...so if there is toothpaste on it, it is no longer clean is it?
I will stand up and admit I am a sheet and towel snob and you will just have to bite your tongue if you don't agree because you won't change my mind.

The hand towels we have are not the crap tea towel or massive bath towels laying over a heater to dry your hands, they are proper hand towels and fluffy.
Towels are so important in a bathroom. As you finish a nice long hot shower you want a fluffy towel to encase you. You want a soft hand towel to dry your hands not scratch them off. You want a wash cloth that doesn't scrape your face off but lathers the soap.
Yes I like towels *nodnod*

So when I wake up thinking what friggin day is it and then I see toothpaste on the hand towel ya know what day it is?
Laundry day! Those poor towels are taking a beating since every single time I see toothpaste I wash them.

Side secret I started having my own hand towel hanging on the back of the bathroom door so I will have my own clean towel, ya know just to save the environment and I wont do so much laundry ;-)

This is why I need my own bathroom, no ifs, ands or butts about it.

snow white

I need a holiday soon!

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