Saturday, 23 June 2012

I think my husband needs a Grey tie

Do you know what I am referring too? If you are a woman then you should, Fifty shades of Grey.  Good god it is amazing!  There are 3 books and they can be quite intense but I still think I need to get my Prince Charming a grey silk tie (go read the book).

I have been told the next books to read are Anne Rice, The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy which since I have a Prince Charming may be good fun.  I was also told to read Exit to Eden, yes they made a comedy about that book with Rosie O'Donnel but the book I guess is quite erotic.

Who would have thought boring old me would be reading and loving these books? EL James did.
All the women of the world I believe will own and read these books.  Mine will never be lent to anyone as I am planning on rereading them.

What do you think?

laters baby
snow wife

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Oompa Loompa look

Ladies and Girls - notice the oompa loompa look is NOT flattering or attractive.
Please step away from the orange tinted make up - NO ONE needs orange on their face - trust me.
Ask any man not a 12 year old boy.

While we are at it what is up with faces you guys are posing with in pictures?
The below are NOT attractive either - try smiling - I know crazy idea.

When has this made anyone look attractive? <- go on click to see how "attractive it all looks"

All teenagers should read an relate to these:

Just remember all photos taken will be able to be pulled back out for big graduations, weddings, christening ect... How would you feel if you were pursing your lips, hand like a gun on your chin, orange face and massive amount of eyebrows or no eyebrows like above? HA

Trust me I see some old photos and go," good god why did I ever do that."  I know everyone goes thru it but think - do I look attractive to anyone? If you are doing it for fun - then LIVE IT UP just don't go out like that lol

snow wife

Friday, 15 June 2012

Play dates

Is it weird I want a place where you can arrange puppy/doggie play dates?

Dogs are very social animals if raised right and socialised from the very beginning and what makes you think they don't want to continue this activity?

Our dog LOVES to play with all dogs - some he can play rougher then others but man if you want to run - he is ALL in.

Swim? Oh hellz yeah!

So hmmm maybe I might start like a puppy play date thing because it would be good for the parents as well as the pets!  I swear my dog has more friends then I do - I mean 4 legged friends but thank goodness all owners are quite nice!

So what do you think?

snow wife

Monday, 11 June 2012

Leaving is hard to do

Good god you would think I was leaving my first born whilst I jet off for vacation ahem I mean holiday!  Well I guess he is my first born just not by me but I am having mini nervous breakdowns about leaving him for 7 nights - about how he will be scarred for life ect... He won't, I know this but I am a freak and I admit it.

He is going to have a fabulous time with his dog sitter here at home and then he gets to go on vacation ahem holiday to the big dog sitters where he will be with other dogs swimming and massive play times! No it isn't a kennel - bite your tongue! It is a home boarder and she is fabulous.  He stayed there one night not to long ago and when we picked him up, he slept for an entire day.  So much puppy fun he was falling asleep sitting up - priceless.  So I feel better to know he has playtime coming up and will be well knackered by the time Prince Charming picks him up.

Still leaving is hard to do when its your baby, furbaby or not ;-)

snow wife

Monday, 4 June 2012


I don't have my own biological kids and most likely never will so I have a fur baby.  He is my fur child so get over it.  I will post pictures of what we do and accomplishments he completes because for me, he is my fur baby.  It makes me happy - full stop.  I love seeing pictures of puppies and a planning play dates and going places just like you would with your kids.  We do go places with my step dwarfs but now I feel apart of something that is mine and that is my puppy.
I may be a geek.  I am sad.  I may be a loser but I am loved and something that is only 40 pounds makes me stupid happy and I don't want to apologise for it.
I am that person who posts pictures of my dog - ignore it if it bugs you ;-)

This isn't a mean post by any means but understand he is like my child.  He gets feed 3X a day, I hire puppy sitters, get play dates and we have days out.  He just listens better then some kids HA well sometimes ;-)

Ya know that saying? Love me, Love my dog....Never been a truer statement.

Snow Wife

Friday, 1 June 2012

Not Always Easy Peasy

A lot of people can pick up and move and never have growing pains, I thought I was one of them.  I got along just fine and never really blinked or looked back because I was happy.  Most other expats say the first year or two are the hardest and that may be true for them but not me.
My hard time came when life really happened and job hunting and realising it wasn't going to be easy and you either suck it up or bail.  Bailing isn't an option because no matter how much it can suck I love that Prince Charming of mine.
I don't think I could even live back in the US because it would be reverse culture shock.  I like England as much as I pick on it once in awhile because of the quarks, well quarks to me.  I would prefer better weather and of course some Mexican food ohh and throw in my friends and family to visit whenever they want or I want and it would be perfect! HA Why isn't that time machine made yet?
Sometimes you just need a moment and take the time to realise the loss of what you know and talk it out and that's what I am doing.  I miss things and life as I knew it but you can't harp on it or you can never move forward.  Buck up young one and move on...

I am a very lucky girl because I get to see my best friends very soon and that is the goal I needed to look forward too or I am not sure I would be as happy go lucky.  Can you say Friends? Bud Light? Pool? Mexican? These are the things that make my world go round

snow wife