Wednesday, 31 October 2012


How the hell do kids have blackberrys and new iPhones?

What parent will spend hundreds of pounds on a kids phone?

I am jealous! I can't afford to spend 500quid or even 300quid on a iPhone 4 or 5!

What message do you think it sends to spend that on a kid for no reason? If it was a Christmas present, that would be all I got! No jokes.

Comments? Parents who spend a mini fortune?

Snow Wife
Obviously a tyrant


This word drives me insane!

Benefits? Get what you are entitled too!

Accident? Get what you are entitled too!

How about quit thinking your entitled to a ton of shit and get a job. England pays benefits which are quite good so some people (not all!) know how to work the system.

No one is entitled to anything except to die eventually.

Snow Wife
The cynical one

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Classed as a "grown up"

*stomping foot* I don't want to be!  This means I have responsibilities and shit that I didn't ask for....blah

It also means I bought a full blown dress slip today and man that is grown up. Thank you Spanx - you are my friend and then again at 18 I wouldn't have ever spent the money on that or even wore one.
This doesn't mean I want to be a grown up.  I feel like I am paying dress up because I am so not a girly girl so yes I am playing dress up.  I have have a pair of heels - hell it would be better if I bored them from my mom but sadly no I bought them.  I think I will wear them more then once *fingers crossed*

So 3 cheers to a bottle of red wine and a dress with heels and let's pretend we are grown ups tonight!

snow wife

Monday, 8 October 2012

No it's not like...

I swear this irks me more then anything ok not anything but enough to bitch about it on my blog.

Let's pretend I am a Buckeye (Ohio University Team) and I have on a shirt that says Go Buck Eyes!
(me in bold)
Where are you from?
American College football
Oh its like rugby
No its not, the ball is smaller and totally different rules
Oh its like the same thing

I want a Cwors..
Coors Light? Just to be sure I understood correctly
Yes what else would I want?
Techincally Coors and Coors light are two different lagers. FYI

Sorry if some accents sounds like something different and not what you are actually saying especially the Scottish!

HAHA SO No its not like....

Would you like me to say oh England is like Wales? or Scotland? Oh man would people freak.

snow wife

Monday, 1 October 2012

Kids aren't just for holidays...

Ok the saying here in the UK is, "dogs aren't just for Christmas." This is brilliant! They should come out with a saying for kids. It's not all cute clothes and fun holidays - really it's not.
Teenagers need to stop having kids because they aren't for 16year olds either.

I mean kids are work but more mental work I think. I mean I don't want to cook and do laundry all the time but someone has too. Blah

I get why when moms get a night away all they do is sleep. I want to do that right now.

Example: I don't feel very well but after work I was going to come home and relax.... Yep right after I walk the dog for 45 minutes, start and serve dinner and then wash up. Awwwww now I can relax. You have to laugh right? No

My Prince Charming is amazing when he is home and this allows me to stay in bed some mornings which is amazing. I just wish it was more often.

Now if we had sun and more daylight it would be another story.

Snow wife