Monday, 27 February 2012

Hotel Check out 11am

Depending on your age you either go
1. Damn that's early!
2. Wow we get to sleep in!

Back in the day I would cringe at the mer thought of being up and out of bed by 11am.  I would think are these people the devil, don't they know we were drinking last night? I mean why else do you stay in a hotel unless you were drinking somewhere especially if you are with your man. 
(A hotel night with your man = nothing better)

Sorry I digress...

Fast forward about 10-15 years and 11am feels awesome! We even make it to the breakfast that is served between 8 and 9am.  Ok who took over my body because why get up so early... So as older *cough* people we can drink the night before, be up for breakfast, come back to the room and take showers, get dressed and pack up all by 11am? No way you say. WAY I say.  Heck we even took in the sauna and steam room after breakfast and still checked out by 10ish.

I think this means I have grown up *stomping feet* but I don't want too!  I want to sleep in and not rush to breakfast as I would be happy to swing by the drive thru Starbuck's and pick up a muffin and latte.  Oh wait I can't, we don't have drive thru's or a Starbuck's that is easily accessible so I guess we will get up for the breakfast.

How do you know you are getting older when you go to a hotel? Is it because now you will eat at one? When I was younger there was NO WAY I was paying hotel prices for food. HA

Remember - I am not just a wife
snow wife

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Blogging comes last

in life right?  I mean reality takes over which means family and friends and blogging is forgot about.

Ok it isn't forgot about, I mean I have some brilliant blog posts in my dreams or as I am falling asleep but I just don't get them down on the computer.  So you get the basic crap I throw up here pending on my mood.

I am back and trying to swim and not sink in this world.  Its all about taking it one step at a time.  Making time for ME and finding what makes me happy and right now that is a NEW job.
I need to be out in the world socialising and working - so that is goal #1!

So Cheers to pancake day aka Shrove Tuesday aka Fat Tuesday!

I am more then a wife....that's for sure but I will say I do have Prince Charming and I am one lucky biatch ;-)