Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Worker bee

I am a crazy worker bee which is why I can never remember to blog... Sorry to the 3 of you reading :-)

The UK rocks for benefits let me tell you! We get 27 days off a year PLUS bank holidays PLUS we close for xmas thru New year day ALL paid!! 

I am stupid excited for this. 
Full time is 35 hours a week yeehaa kiss your grandma!

Sometimes ya just gotta have patience right?

Saturday, 26 October 2013


Ohhhh how I miss TWC, that's The Weather Channel to all of you not in the know...
I truly miss seeing the local on the 8's with radar maps. Heck I even liked watching the shows ABOUT weather things that happened. 
Why don't they have it in the UK? Is it because it would be boring? That's ok it would still be good to have. Agree?

Come in UK please get us TWC

snow wife

Friday, 27 September 2013

Too short?

Well I had spoke before how things are shorten to kid phrases as I call it...
Brekkie = breakfast
Pressie = present
And so on....
But something's they MUST keep long and it's mind boggling. 
Gum must always be called chewing gum.  Really?
Dryer must be called a tumble dryer. Now what other kind is there nowadays. 

So funny and that's all I have folks :)
Welcome to my spotting of weirdness to me and maybe me only. 

snow wife

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Is a hard day I would say for most Americans as I would think we all know where we were.   Is it the same for everyone around the world?  I know exactly where I was, I lost a friend that day. He would have been a fabulous dad if he would have been given a chance. So many life's lost, so many families torn apart.
The smoke came into New Jersey and I remember working to help feed families who were distraught not knowing anything but hanging into hope. It was the worse feeling ever. 
Every year when the tributes start and the pictures show up in my newsfeed a tug happens and it's a tug at my heart. I can't stop it even all these years later it still causes a few tears. 
It is true, "we will never forget."
I wear my bracelet proudly to remember and it is a day we must have learned from an to teach the next generation.   I am telling my dwarfs about it and watching the movie because it can never happen again- anywhere. 

snow wife

Monday, 2 September 2013

Oh I can't wait

For the dwarfs to grow up, move out, get good jobs and have a home of their own. 

I mean I can wait but I can't wait to:
Brush my teeth and wipe my toothpaste mouth on the hand towel because by then maybe they will learn to use water to clean face and a towel is to dry. Ha

Or get out of the shower and leave water all over the floor. Yeah I can't wait till its not me cleaning this up. 

Not rinsing the dishes before putting in the dishwasher? Oh I get giddy just thinking about it :-)

Those will be the days!!

snow wife 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Diaper/Nappy rash, say what?

I swore PC was a bit off his rocker when he said diaper/nappy rash cream was used for spots/acme.  I read the container and by gosh all mighty it is!  I have been using it now for months when I feel a pimple coming on, it works!  Never in a million years would I have ever done this or even looked at rash cream but I swear try it. Cheap alternative to all those little tubes of pimple/spot crap. 

Go on then let me know how it works for you! Don't believe me? Here is the container :)
Ok it's sideways so turn your head...

snow wife

Monday, 5 August 2013

Sing sing along. Everyone now

Ok I listen to the radio a lot! I now must admit a few things...
I like the new Miley Cirus (sp?) song!  Dammit
I also like the new Demi Lavado (sp?) song! Dammit
I like One Direction and follow Harry in Vine! Dammit
I like Iconic Pop's song - a lot even if it makes no sense!  Dammit

At any given moment I want to hear Blurred Lines By Mr. Thicke himself! I LOVE it!  Dammit

Yay the bubblegum pop music I love and I admit it well I bet you like them too :-p

Go in google them if you don't know the songs. Thank me later

snow wife

Saturday, 3 August 2013


I am thankful I am not a teenager or a high maintenance adult. I can leave my house without makeup and hair up in a pony tail. Why? I am comfortable being me. 

I can remember the days I had to shower and put makeup on before I would think of leaving the house or anyone seeing me.  Thank god I am not a teenager because it takes HOURS to get ready. No thank you

One day when you get comfortable in your own skin, you too will love it!

Snow wife

Monday, 15 July 2013

Oh it's national news!!

But us Americans call it "summer."  Repeat after me, "summer" which is one of the four seasons believe it or not. 

I LOVE summer and am so happy it's warm except for sleeping. 

It's amazing that 70 something feels super super hot! I am talking bikini, shorts, tanks and flip flops daily! 

I am loving it and hope it stays for a few months as it will help with the shitty winter. 

Either way the summer now makes national news because its "red hot" lol I love it!

snow wife

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What's in a year...

There has been so much happening in one year it's crazy!
Moved into a new house
Flown to the states twice
Gained a dwarf 

The thing I notice the most? Is a wedding wedding from a year ago and how fat I was! Good god why did I ever let it slip that much?  I know it doesn't matter in the long term but that picture will forever be there haha

I wonder of we can get a reshoot just so I can feel better? Lol I know I kid, I kid!

Amazing what 30 lbs off can make you feel like yourself again. The way you were and should be :-)

Snow wife

Monday, 24 June 2013

Lazy people

Ok people I know you have smart phones or at least the Internet. Why do I know you do? Because you put stupid ass statuses up like, "what time does the gym close?"  Friggin google it ya lazy shit. 

These are my fav statuses I almost want to comment with some bullshit answer but people are so dumb they might believe it. 

So in the interest of all other people out there use the Internet for more then Facebook. Dumb asses. 

snow wife

Monday, 17 June 2013

Ideal what?

Sometimes PC can make me smile and say damn I love that man and of course there are others when I want to drop kick him...
This is the smile moment.

I was on the wii to get weighed and it was in the yellow which is ideal. It was the top and I want more towards the middle. So PC says,"see your ideal and no need to lose anymore." Awwww thanks babe but I want a bit more b

He doesn't get it and insists I don't need more. I don't NEED it but I WANT it :-)

Thank you for loving me for me.

snow wife

Friday, 7 June 2013

One of *those* moms/mam/mum's ect...

I am an ex-smoker as I don't smoke 20 a day anymore because it stinks and the cost is insane oh and I should say its bad for your health too!  I occasionally partake in a smoke or two when drinking or when I feel like it because I am an adult *stomping foot on the ground* and I will do what I want!

Sorry I got carried away there... back to my point, yes I did have one.

So I no longer smoke and I am thankful for that because I see SO many smokers who light up right outside the grocery store or while pushing their strollers/buggy's/prams down the street and it is hanging out of their mouth - YUCK.

I saw today a mom/mum/mam in a ONSIE with a smoke hanging out of her mouth while/whilst pushing a baby in a stroller/buggy/pram and walking her toddler to school.  I thought, "good god if you could see what trash you look like right now."

I am not saying this is a British thing but the British do walk around more then the Americans because here you walk your kid to school because it is close enough.

Its still gross as people don't realise/realize how nasty this looks and stinks.  Gosh I used to smell like that ALL the time *sigh*  glad I don't anymore.

snow wife

Keep it real folks!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Ok ok chill

Obviously renovation work is a bitch but we are doing it. We figured out why I want to cut his tongue out and shove it down his throat...communication lol duh
See for approx 30 years of my life things have been a certain way but England is obviously different.
Example time:
Door knobs here in the house ONLY turn left which I thought the knob was broke. It's not, it's normal - here.
So I of course brought this up saying they were weird and I got a lecture on how it's right and then a lecture on why its right. Well I never said it was wrong, just weird. Still why does it have to be weird? Well again 30 something years my knobs always go both ways so its weird to me.
Allow things to still be weird for me. So now he does. I am not looking for Why or Reasons. I am just stating its weird for me. Thankyouverymuch

So now we have that settled and discussions happen on the next plan because we both aren't mind readers, things are moving along just fine.

PS I still need a real JOB with real cash money - anyone ?

Snow wife

Saturday, 4 May 2013


I am not sure how a married couple makes it thru a renovation. I am ready to stay how it is just so there are no more bullshit statements. Amazing how insensitive a man can be. I bust my ass painting and he comments how it isn't done... Goes on to tell the dwarfs that it looked before I painted. Well guess what buddy boy you just won the deal of painting.
So learn to be positive or negative things will happen. Just like now because I am not an employee...
Yes this is a bitch blog but also a reality check because if you want to live here with us then the negativity must end. Hire someone to do it just to keep is sane.
This is my opinion, take it or leave it.

Karma is a bitch

Snow wife

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Blank tipping

Well a few of us were out on a walk and a funny thing happened...

We walked past a field type area and it had a sign that said, "no fly tipping" and I was puzzled. WTF is fly tipping?

Me being me said to my English friends, "ok I know what cow tipping is but what is fly tipping?" Without missing a beat,one says no dumping like rubbish. I was giggling internally.

My other English friend that was there was round ours today and confessed she found it hilarious. Then it turned into maybe flicking a fly when it was still was like fly tipping.

How the hell is fly tipping = no dumping? HA

Too funny some of these odd British words :)

snow wife

Monday, 15 April 2013

Posh or a tool?

I personally think I sound like a tool...
Oh I don't mean in general but when I use British words for the sake of conversation or the person I am talking too. So I don't because I don't want to be a tool aka douchebag...
British person (BP): ohh I don't know if I can cut my fringe...
ME: I could never have bangs again because they take to long to grow out!

That is a prime example. Now if I would have said fringe it would be fake and awkward. That would make me a tool.
I feel you should only use words that come naturally, if you have to think, it sounds bad.
I do say knackered but that's natural as I use normally now but never fringe or petrol.

So be true to yourself or you are a tool aka douche.

snow wife

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Easter 2013

Easter is right around the corner again...Only a few years later it has gotten better and it's not such a big deal now.  We are booked into our favourite place to eat Sunday lunch (yummm) and have some cheeky desserts of course!

Nothing to exciting but I might even order some peeps to surprise the dwarf(s).  They love them!
Me? I can leave them.  Its more a nostalgia thing for me as they are part of Easter.

We won't be having the typical ham easter dinner but I will bet our beef dinner will beat the pants off that anytime. The main reason? I don't have to cook it! HA!

Happy Easter to you whether near or far.

snow wife

Monday, 18 March 2013


Just a quick WTF moment...I think sometimes it is just PC being awkward ;-P

Me: We need a new coffee pot, this one doesn't really get hot anymore and I have to put my coffee in the microwave

PC: It's a kettle, it happens

Me: Are you trying to tell me the coffee pot is a kettle now?

PC: Well it is

Me: It's not!  It may heat water but it percolates and does coffee not just boil water.  Because a coffee pot doesn't EVEN boil water.

PC: Its still a kettle

Me: You are a dumb ass sometimes lol I mean seriously

PC: It has an element so it is a kettle

Me: You are killing me (laugh) my point is we need a new one ;-)

anyone else have these lame conversations?

snow wife

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mother's Day UK

I had written this whole post how Mother's Day was going to basically suck....

I didn't think I would feel the love or even really be acknowledged even to the furbaby but low and behold my PC did good!

I got a card and caramel treats plus the dwarfs got me a few cards too.  They were very sweet cards and not just the basic cheap ones.

We had a wonderful lunch and a few laughs.

I actually liked Mother's Day this year.

I love being surprised

Snow Wife

Monday, 25 February 2013

Hide it where?

Ok get your mind out of the gutter because I am not talking salami.

I am talking about tampons!
Almost all bathrooms here all have pedestal sinks and no cabinets. So where do you put your tampons and girly bits?

It blows my mind every time I look at houses. I always want to ask the woman,"excuse me where so you stash your tampons?". Haha

I mean it's bad enough I have to get ready in the bedroom and not the bathroom. Boooooooo

Someday these questions will be answered.

Snow Wife

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Times Change

Ok if you would have asked me a year ago if life would be like it is, I would have said you were smoking something...

I figure out school runs and dentist appointments. Oh and work and maybe have a social life as well. Also clean the house, do laundry, grocery shop and plan and cook the meals. Seriously who am I?

I am a planner but never really envisioned this type of planning. All I need is more cash - just like everyone else! Heck maybe a lottery winning of say 500k as we aren't greedy but would always welcome more.

I need from PC: a massage, bottle of wine, nice meal all served to me in a nice hotel room where we can eat in our undies or PJ's. I don't want to get dressed up or be fancy. I just want a pamper and to spend a quiet night alone with my hubby with some awesome food/drink and maybe even some nookie!

(all I can hear is the lyrics,"I did it all for the nookie!")

I am all about the relaxed night as I don't need fancy!

Happy Valentines Day
 Snow Wife

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Spelling - yes please

Ok we all know the UK English can be spelled different then the American English or US English.

I get it - trust me.

Some of it even makes sense. 

Moisturising instead of moisturizing - I get it... "rising"

Prince Charming likes to always point out how the US version is wrong of course he is mostly tongue and cheek.  Until I pull out the big gun.

Centre ? Eh? That cannot be read as Center but yet it is read that way.

So ok some don't even make sense and I just laugh.  It's fun just playing this game isn't it?

What words make sense to you and what doesn't?

Snow wife

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Can you grab my....

This is one of my favourite conversations in our house and of course I egg it on because it is funny for me.

Conversation #1:
Prince Charming: Honey can you grab my jumper when you come down
Me: (grabbing red hoodie) handing red hoodie
PC: no the blue jumper
Me: you mean the cardigan?
PC: no the sweater
Me: why didn't you just ask for the blue sweater ;-)

See Jumper is a fleece pullover, sweater or hoodie.  Pick one! ha

Gotta love the UK English when you are American

Snow wife