Monday, 10 December 2012

Grocery Store

Amazing how living in another country shapes your grocery shopping....
or maybe I just changed the way I shop?

We cut out the centre of the store for most part and I buy pre-sliced fruit like apples.  I realise I will eat them if they are pre-sliced because yes I am lazy.  5 bags of sliced apples are 2 quid or something well a bag of baby apples I have to work to eat are more then that so yeah I can make my way work in my head.

Also I never looked at eggs, I just grabbed and went.  Well one of the dwarfs learned about free range and explained it so all we buy is free range now.  Also we sign things to allow ducks access to full body of water so they have a nice live before they die for others to eat but it is the nice thing to do.  We don't buy duck anyway but I think all things should have a human life.

We hit the world food isle just to see if they added any American crap we don't need but when I see it, I will crave it and must buy it.  This happens a lot and then it is usually a let down because 1. it isn't the same and 2. typically it is not made with the same ingredients.

So when I crave something I buy it at stupid high prices but hey thats the price of living in another country and you suck it up.  Well at least Prince Charming understands and even has come to love ranch HA!  I can't remember the last time I made it though because I forget since my eating has improved.

I don't have a point here so happy shopping!

Snow Wife

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

YAY or Oh No....It's Snow

Well it depends who you are and what day it is right?

Child: Look it's snowing!!!
Parents on a 1st cancelled school day: Oh Yay - Fun!

Child: Look it's snowing!!!
Parents on a 2nd cancelled school day: Oh Yay - Fun *sarcasm*

Mom taking the dog out.
YAY it's snowing!!
*why yay? well the ground is hard and this means a clean dog....Well unless he rolls in fox shit and thinks he is the man!

Adult: Oh YAY SNOW!
Adult driving: God Damn snow and no one knows how to drive!

Adult home warm looking out the window: Oh Yay Snow!
Adult walking on side walks or the English term "path": Damn councils didn't grit/salt anything and I am going to fall on my ass/arse.

So I guess my point is some may always see a different side.  Me? I love the snow as long as: I don't walk on the sidwalks, drive near idiots, have to clean up wet messes or freeze to death!

Happy Holidays!

Snow Wife