Monday, 1 October 2012

Kids aren't just for holidays...

Ok the saying here in the UK is, "dogs aren't just for Christmas." This is brilliant! They should come out with a saying for kids. It's not all cute clothes and fun holidays - really it's not.
Teenagers need to stop having kids because they aren't for 16year olds either.

I mean kids are work but more mental work I think. I mean I don't want to cook and do laundry all the time but someone has too. Blah

I get why when moms get a night away all they do is sleep. I want to do that right now.

Example: I don't feel very well but after work I was going to come home and relax.... Yep right after I walk the dog for 45 minutes, start and serve dinner and then wash up. Awwwww now I can relax. You have to laugh right? No

My Prince Charming is amazing when he is home and this allows me to stay in bed some mornings which is amazing. I just wish it was more often.

Now if we had sun and more daylight it would be another story.

Snow wife

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