Monday, 11 July 2011

Passion for what?

Back Story:
So I have decided in the last month or so to change my eating habits just a bit - ok alot. I am now eating fruit as snacks as breakfast and some type of vegetable with lunch and dinner.  This seems obvious to most to do so but not me - I never liked most fruit or veg.  I am older now and realise I need these nutritious things in my daily diet.

So I am telling Prince Charming about meal planning and explaining this new recipe which is part of my eating plan and it is so yummy and our conversation goes like this.

Me: oh honey I went shopping and got this steak and marinating it and yummmm.  Best part it is on my new eating plan

PC: Do I have to be on this diet too?

Me: It's not a diet. You can have rice, potatoes, meat and chips BUT you always have veg or fruit

PC: So I have to eat this way?

Me: Yes darling and we get to try a bunch of new recipes

PC: Well you have that passion for cooking and love trying new cooking adventures

Me: Passion? haha it's not a passion it's a necessity.  Are you going to cook?

PC: Haha I cook anything right out of the freezer and that's cooking!

Me: That's reheating and that's why I do the cooking since frozen food and canned beans are not the healthiest of meals haha

PC: Fair enough you keep your passion and I will keep eating it

Me: It's not a passion and now I will be teaching you to follow basic recipes because I know you can do it ;-)
PC: but you are so good at it I don't want to interrupt you and your cooking (sarcastically)

Me: Nice try mister - game on

Amazing how Prince Charming made it thru years without me and is still fit.  Now its my turn to get fit since we can't afford a chef to cook every night it will be me and in turn Prince Charming learning to cook.  Hey we take turns and I got him cooking enchiladas from beginning to end and it was good!  It takes baby steps. 

snow wife

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Chinese Proverb

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