Monday, 26 March 2012

We are those people....

We now those people - yes we are splitting an allotment with a friend.
Oh what's an allotment? According to wikipedia, "An allotment garden, often called simply an allotment, is a plot of land made available for individual, non-professional gardening."

Which means these have been around for donkey's years and look like random bits of "plots" put together by random fencing and anything else people can get their hands on. People build buildings and even keep chickens, horses (if its big enough) and anything else they want.  I really considered it like redneck country because it was so pieced together haha

Ours designated spot isn't this nice but gives you a general idea.  I will post before and after pictures once we get more done so you can see the actual change because right now its a bunch of wood, horse shit and wooden boxes = boring. 

The exciting part is Prince Charming is building a shed and a greenhouse so everything is kept there and not in our "yard".  We will get potatoes, green beans, broccoli, pumpkin, herbs, jalapeƱos, leeks and onions! 

So roll one spring! Let's hope to get some stuff in the ground for this year!

snow wife

Monday, 19 March 2012

I have a secret...

I am totally into watching any show with the Kardashians!  It's like a train wreck and I must watch to see what has been going on.
  • Keeping up with the Kardashians
  • Kim and Kortney Take New York
  • Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami  
  • Khloe and Lamar
Like OMG totally!

The whole divorce thing in 72 days or something for Kim - WOW.  I like Kris from the shows even if he comes off a little on the short bus side IMO.
Kourtney is preggo again - Yeah Scott is a a bit much for me but then again so is Kourtney but I love it!
Khloe is my favorite - her and Lamar are so darn cute and seem more real then any other crap Kim pulls on TV.  I do hope Khloe gets pregnant soon as she will be a good down to earth mom.

My favorite is Bruce Jenner - I know he isn't a Kardashian but man he handles all those women so well, I have to give him credit.

Anyone else have that "show" that you really shouldn't be watching?

snow wife
Closet Kardashian Fan

Monday, 12 March 2012

Pub Mile?

Who walks a mile to a pub for a few drinks and a snack? Me

If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would walk a mile to get a beer or two, I would have told you that you were insane.  I find us walking more and more to the pub since you DO NOT drive here after drinking - its taboo.  I find this fascinating since they drink WAY more in this country but really I don't know anyone that will drive after drinking.  Even PC will only drink 1.5 pints and then stop because he is driving.

I love it but it does make you plan which is a pain sometimes but after all this time you get used to it.  What's a quick 1 mile walk (15 minutes) to have a good time and not worry about killing someone?
It's nothing - try it!

snow wife

Saturday, 3 March 2012

1852 Pioneer Times

My husband said something the other day that was pure crazy and I almost enquired about having him committed to a mental institute but I found out in the UK a spouse can't check another spouse in against their will *damn*.

Our power has decided to cut out every once in awhile especially when I use the dryer.  So  he says,
" Why don't you NOT use the dryer?"
after I got up from fainting I went on to explain that I know England can feel like 1852 pioneer times but I am a 21st century girl and I want to move forward.

Not using a dryer to me is like having separate taps or your washing machine in your kitchen or having form size fridges - oh wait we do.  There is only so far I can go with this living in pioneer times and not using a dryer isn't one of them.  I can't imagine with a puppy and children having wet towels hanging about and underwear on the radiators (that really aren't one right now).  OMG I see me re-doing laundry a lot with crap on the clean clothes.  Oh hang them outside? Duh hey didn't I think of that. Oh I did but I have a puppy who likes to jump up and pull it off and around the patio and on his pee.  I say no thanks.

So yeah let's skip the pioneer times - for pete's sake I have DSL!!!

So women of the 21st century I don't want a lecture on how I am hurting the environment by using a dryer because honestly it makes me happy ;-)

Remember: I am not just a wife
snow wife