Monday, 15 July 2013

Oh it's national news!!

But us Americans call it "summer."  Repeat after me, "summer" which is one of the four seasons believe it or not. 

I LOVE summer and am so happy it's warm except for sleeping. 

It's amazing that 70 something feels super super hot! I am talking bikini, shorts, tanks and flip flops daily! 

I am loving it and hope it stays for a few months as it will help with the shitty winter. 

Either way the summer now makes national news because its "red hot" lol I love it!

snow wife

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What's in a year...

There has been so much happening in one year it's crazy!
Moved into a new house
Flown to the states twice
Gained a dwarf 

The thing I notice the most? Is a wedding wedding from a year ago and how fat I was! Good god why did I ever let it slip that much?  I know it doesn't matter in the long term but that picture will forever be there haha

I wonder of we can get a reshoot just so I can feel better? Lol I know I kid, I kid!

Amazing what 30 lbs off can make you feel like yourself again. The way you were and should be :-)

Snow wife