Monday, 26 December 2011

Its a dog life

Yes it is!

They are spoiled this time of the year with all the people off from work and playing with other doggies.

Eating carrots and all the stuff people feed them under the table on the sneak!


I do have to say I was at the park with the puppy the other day and these 2 beautiful bigger dogs were playing and coming near mine.  I yelled, " are they friendly?" to which the gentleman replied, "yes, they are 2 bitches."  I laughed I know a bitch is a female dog but the context sounds so funny to me.  I think of two caddy girls sitting around bitching lol

So that was my funny tidbit for the new year.

I am so happy to have the dwarfs, the pup and my prince charming this time of year.  I don't know how I got so lucky sometimes with the cards I have been dealt.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

don't forget to spoil your dog!

snow wife

Monday, 19 December 2011


See I have always said Merry Christmas or to be politically correct Happy Holidays just so you won't offend someone.  I always hated in business you had to say Happy holidays in case someone got mad over MERRY Christmas.

Oh England you have some funny ways and some actually annoy the shit out of me.

Happy Christmas - ok don't worry, be happy. Just different but I caught myself saying it!

Crimbo? good god this seems lazy too me - you can't call it Christmas?   This annoys me

Pressie - another lazy term - This annoys me

I mean I get slang and I know how to abbreviate but those above are ridiculous in my book and if this offends - sorry.

I am sure some American ways annoy you - we I know they do I have read the daily mail articles. ;-)

snow wife
I find Freddie so cute! Even though they say Christmas pud instead of pudding ;-)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Question? No I mean statement

I lay in bed or drive and think of fabulous stuff to say and even send myself little email tidbits - can I remember anything I wanted to say? No.

So many differences but so many cool things as well when you are in a different country it's hard to remember they are different after they happen.

Awwww - I do think my favourite thing I have noticed is this.

When someone (usually a parent) asks a child something it is always a form of a question but really shouldn't be.

Parent: You want to eat your brussels sprouts...
Child : they are gross - no
Parent: that wasn't a question or a request

Me: umm yes it was

Now that I have pointed this out to my Prince Charming and dwarfs they see it EVERYWHERE! It's becoming funny.

My other favourite example:

Parent: Do you want to go to bed now?
Child: no
Parent: well its time for bed

Me: haha you asked them silly - don't ask. TELL

Oh the fun of picking up small things like this and even better when they say it and realise they asked a "question" again and fix it and then laugh!

Life can be funny.

snow wife
Can I have another cup of coffee?
I want another cup of coffee

Monday, 5 December 2011

Thanks for Starbucks

Thank god for the holiday seasons because at least Starbuck's brings the egg nog lattee to England!!

I only bitch because they don't bring the pumpkin latte and we get screwed over here.

I have lost count on how many I have had but I must make the most of it before they are gone and I am back to boring latte's again.

Thank You Again Starbucks!

snow wife