Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Easter 2013

Easter is right around the corner again...Only a few years later it has gotten better and it's not such a big deal now.  We are booked into our favourite place to eat Sunday lunch (yummm) and have some cheeky desserts of course!

Nothing to exciting but I might even order some peeps to surprise the dwarf(s).  They love them!
Me? I can leave them.  Its more a nostalgia thing for me as they are part of Easter.

We won't be having the typical ham easter dinner but I will bet our beef dinner will beat the pants off that anytime. The main reason? I don't have to cook it! HA!

Happy Easter to you whether near or far.

snow wife

Monday, 18 March 2013


Just a quick WTF moment...I think sometimes it is just PC being awkward ;-P

Me: We need a new coffee pot, this one doesn't really get hot anymore and I have to put my coffee in the microwave

PC: It's a kettle, it happens

Me: Are you trying to tell me the coffee pot is a kettle now?

PC: Well it is

Me: It's not!  It may heat water but it percolates and does coffee not just boil water.  Because a coffee pot doesn't EVEN boil water.

PC: Its still a kettle

Me: You are a dumb ass sometimes lol I mean seriously

PC: It has an element so it is a kettle

Me: You are killing me (laugh) my point is we need a new one ;-)

anyone else have these lame conversations?

snow wife

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mother's Day UK

I had written this whole post how Mother's Day was going to basically suck....

I didn't think I would feel the love or even really be acknowledged even to the furbaby but low and behold my PC did good!

I got a card and caramel treats plus the dwarfs got me a few cards too.  They were very sweet cards and not just the basic cheap ones.

We had a wonderful lunch and a few laughs.

I actually liked Mother's Day this year.

I love being surprised

Snow Wife