Monday, 30 July 2012

Great British Summer


Seriously I could leave it with HA.  Everyone always talks about the great British summer - I call BS.
April and March was nicer.

I need sun

I am bitching about the weather - must have lived here to long

I have more to say but I think I need a cup of tea to warm up and an umbrella because its friggin raining again!

snow wife

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Job hunt

The job hunt was kinda put on the back burner but now is back with a force!
I need a day job and not all weekends. Having a family requires me to be home a bit more plus I enjoy the family aspect. I always wanted it but it has been ignored and the thought was dismissed. I now know I want this. It's in my DNA, no matter if it's my "typical family" or not.

I say we add more dogs! Dogs are the best family members. :-)

I have figured out here the way to get a job is to "know" someone since everyone needs a job nowadays.

So if ya have one pass it my way.

Snow wife

Thursday, 12 July 2012


If you haven't heard of this dogs name then you live under a rock.

Please google save lennox even if it is too late for this poor boy, there are others.

No animal should be taken from a home without a good reason and a measurement is not one.

This story breaks my heart for the family and Lennox. Us as a human race failed to protect a harmless animal. We failed as being superior. Belfast council are complete assholes and I hope this haunts them all their days. Maybe it will be the same fear poor lennox had being kept in a windowless cement cell with no affection and just waiting. Who wants to sleep on saw dust a next to where you poop. :-(

This law needs to be abolished as it is discrimination FFS how is it right against a defenseless animal?

I am so sad an angry. I hope everyone gets involved to fix this for other animals that never did anything but be born. or

Angry snow wife

Monday, 2 July 2012

Sun and Laughter

It is amazing to me what sun and laughter can do for your mood.  I realise I need sun more then I thought, it does give you a boost (no those lights don't work the same).  I need my Prince Charming by my side sitting in the sun with a cocktail and laughing about our life and fun jokes.  I need friends who you have laugh's and inside jokes because honestly its true when they say there is nothing better then a good belly laugh!

Note to self PC and I are taking out own holiday next year to reconnect, get sun and laugh!  I miss that.

Remember to laugh loads and get some sun ;-)

snow wife