Monday, 31 October 2011

Fancy Dancy

is not what I consider a high brand hotel here in the UK... I don't want to mention names because there have been a few I haven't stayed in and I will say it....


You heard me - PLEASE put it back. A duvet with a cover just isn't enough for me since we don't have air conditioning here I need need the sheet.  When I am warm I just want the top sheet not a big ol' duvet and cover.

Why oh why can't I have a top sheet?

Is this a conspiracy against sheets? As it is most sheets that are luxury here are 200 thread count haha go on laugh...200 thread count is luxury!

Go look at the prices and remember this is in pounds - it kills me.

Ok I am gonna go shop for some sheets and remind myself to pack my top sheet when we hit up the fancy dancy hotels.

snow wife

I think hotel slogans should be, "just do it" ok maybe that's just mine

Monday, 24 October 2011

You can be/do anything if you put your mind to it...

Should be the line every freaking parent adult uses with kids. Full Stop.

I am so annoyed at how parents can hold a child back whether they know it or not (I have a sneaky feeling they do know - they cant be upstaged).  Kids are the future so encourage them - make them better people!

I whole heartily think kids need social interaction like clubs and sports.  Why?
1. It builds self confidence/self esteem
2. They make friends, some of them may be life long
3. Joining the community and helping out the community
4. "Belongs" to something
5. Weekly fun! <--so important
6. Teaches discipline - you signed up and you go even if you don't want too - commitment!
*parents must commit as well because their laziness should not affect the kids
7. Keeps them fit - physically and mentally!

I feel you should encourage your kids and all kids to be the best they can be.  Let them join things and go places BUT the parent has to encourage them.  If the parent or adult becomes lazy and the kids thinks it is a burden on the adult then the children can feel bad and not go because they don't want to inconvenience the adult - bullshit.

Kids read adults quickly. If they crave love like all children do and mommy or daddy promises them McDonald's or 'something fun" with that parent they will take it over anything.  If you are sitting on the couch cuddling with your child and they are feeling the love and you say, 'Ok honey do you want to go to XYZ?' they will look to you, to see what you think? Most kids will say its ok mommy/daddy we can stay right here.
This is where YOU as a parent need to quit being lazy and say, "right lets go to XYZ and when you get back we will have another cuddle."

ENCOURAGEMENT - repeat after me.

I feel so strongly about this because the parent/adult sets the example and the discipline.  If they sign up for something TAKE THEM - don't ask because that is always a way out.  Now I am not saying be crazy when they are ill make them get up and go.  When I say ill I mean throwing up not just tired.

Remember kids are adults in training.  You show them the way.  Kids should learn to thrive, be independent and self confident to be something magnificent in this world and I will do my part to every child I meet.
Parents/Adults - you shouldn't compete with your kids...If you can't dance or sing but your kids can help them shine not hold them back because they would do better then you.
As a parent - I always want my kids to be better then I could EVER be.  Maybe we need more of these types of adults in the world.

snow white

"Children are one-third of our population and all of our future"
Author Unknown

Monday, 17 October 2011

Cry baby

I am not talking about that really bad Johnny Depp movie from the 1990's.  I am talking about myself, it seems everything makes me cry.  Is this some emotional roller coaster I didn't sign up for?
Seriously, I was watching Racing Stripes  and was crying midway just when Channing wanted to race Stripes.
Commercials/Adverts - forget about it! If it is a little bit sad, I gush.I am like some emotional waterfall but I feel fine so it is so weird.

I do think I am having a bit of homesickness and I want some normalcy back in my life.  I wish people would visit just so I have something to look forward too and to share my life here with anyone besides PC and the dwarfs.  Sometimes I don't feel I have control of my own life.  Finding a job here is insane!  I know people who have been turned down by McDonalds and they are eduated.  There are no jobs, our house hasn't sold and I feel so crowded in our current house so I guess it just isn't ideal but I carry on.  I am generally a happy person and do my best to stay positive but sometimes I want to say fuck it and stop smiling - so yeah I have.  No, it doesn't make me feel any better.

I can't be the only person who has mini breakdowns for no reason?

Here is to a brighter future that involved smiles and everything I could wish for in this life.

Snow Wife

When a woman says "What?" , It's not because she didn't hear you. She is giving you a chance to change what you said.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Type Right - please!

I am no grammar expert and I admit that completely but I do think adding all the letters in a sentence is important after you reach a certain age and using spaces and so should you.

Ok so teenagers (some adults too) use slang and abbreviations like:
1. 2mro for tomorrow
2. g8 for great
3. cya for See Ya

I get that you're a teenager and slang is quick to type when texting but for the love of god businesses and adults should not do this daily.  I also will agree that US and UK teenagers ALL text or speak in slang but my main pet peeve is adults and businesses using this "language".  I have never seen an American business use slang on FB like I see UK businesses use daily!
Let's also have a quick recap on proper use of grammar (for you as much as me).

It's is a contraction for "it is". Its is like "his", "hers" or "theirs" and can be loosely translated as "belonging to it". When trying to decide which to use, just remember this: it's is the same as "it is". Only use it's when you are trying to abbreviate it is. In all other cases, use its (without the apostrophe).

People often confuse and misuse the words your and you're. The difference between your and you're is that you're is a contraction of "you are" whereas your means belonging to you.

There is a difference between Their and They're. While "their" means belonging to them, they're is a contraction which stands for "they are".

The words there and their are different. Even though they sound alike (they are homophones), the words have different meanings. A good way to remember the difference between there and their is the mnemonic device The place "here" with a T is "there". While "there" refers to that place, "their" means belonging to them. For example, Their van was destroyed in the accident

Than is used for comparison and Then is used in most other cases, especially when used in the context of time or the order in which events occur.  

Also when you want to write "have" it has 4 letters, it isn't "av"...I don't speak in short speak.  We don't allow our dwarfs to text us short terms or we ask what they are saying because it makes them look dumb.  I agree with using some short terms such as R U home yet? because it is one letter but some of the time it is ridiculous.

Here is a clip of a local business (which I love) but this made me cringe. 
Ladies we have had a last minute date change for a party 2mro (saturday) so we now have 10 spa day places to fill.Rebecca has already done the shopping for that lovely 3 course lunch! 

Spaces? nahhh Commas? nahhh
There was more but I didn't want to hog down this post.

I guess my point is this: Type like an educated person or at least someone who finished 5th grade.  I am not the grammar queen but by gosh I try because I don't want to look like a right yank. ;-)

snow wife
av a g8 day

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Good-bye old friend

22 years we have been together....
We have been thru so many things and I always thought you are what made life events easier...
Let's recall some of the 22 years...
  1. My parents divorce
  2. Moving to another new city - it allowed me to make friends
  3. Starting ANOTHER high school
  4. Many many many breakups with "the one" or life would have been over
  5. Fighting with friends and life was over
  6. Stepmother being a bitch - she was/is crazy
  7. Moving again
  8. Marriage
  9. Divorce
  10. Work = breaks
  11. Moving again
  12. Making friends
You were the one constant in my life - yes smoking.
It is no more as I am on the ban wagon as there are more important things in life then smoking and if I can get a little hell yeah and support EVEN BETTER!

Snow wife

Life is not over but just beginning