Monday, 15 August 2011

Dear NHS and Associates...

I know we have a public funded health care system available to practically everyone, I appreciate that.  I also understand the tax brackets and everyone gets 7,475 tax free but holy moses it sure seems you are taking the mickey with the amount of money that leaves my check.

People like to think the UK has FREE health care - you are so wrong.  I also want to state this is not FREE to all since we (the ones who work) pay each and every month and it adds up.
My pros's and con's based on my opinion
You don't freak out over not having health insurance because if you get sick, you can get care.
The prescriptions are a set price £7
Birth Control is FREE
Buying diflucan over the counter and not waiting to see a darn doctor

I have not spoken to a friendly receptionist yet
Waiting lists are miles long for specialist
General Doctor's don't have a clue who you are and don't bother reading anything about you
Having a thrush or water infection - you wait many days to get results back
You don't get any real answers because it doesn't feel as if they care BUT they won't discharge you because then you can sue them for neglect.
People go to the doctor because they stubbed their toe - why because they can.
Can barely get appointments in advance must call the day of

I would rather pay for insurance oh wait we do...I mean I would rather have a co-pay for everyone. If you are on benefits why can't you afford £2 and if you are not pay £5.  Lower the amount you take out of our checks and make it up in co-pays.  NOT massive co-pays but it would stop stupid visits and lower the amount a bit for us working people.
Let me also state children under the age of 18 get free medical,dental,eye and prescriptions so they would not have a co-pay.

In England each person doesn't file taxes it is done automatically.  You don't get tax deduction for mortgage insurance or stuff you buy for work ect.. You don't get the bigger deduction for having kids or filing jointly.  There is no married discount for two hard working people as you don't get benefits of any kind if you hold a steady job.  In my own opinion some don't get a job as the benefits the government pays is MORE then they would get working a lower paying job so why work?  I saw a newspaper saying they want to cap benefits at 500 quid a week OMG that's 2K a month - seriously and we wonder why the UK is broke?

Here is a breakdown of what is paid per check - as we are paid monthly here typically.

PoundsDollars (approx)
Salary £15000YearlyMonthlyYEARLYMonthly
Taxable Income £   7,525.00  £    627.08  $  12,040.00 $ 1,003.33
National Insurance £       932.64  £       77.72  $   1,492.22  $    124.35
PAYE/Tax £   1,505.00  £    125.42  $  2,408.00  $    200.67
Total Deductions £   2,437.64  £    203.14  $  3,900.22  $    325.02
 Salary £20000 Yearly  Monthly 
Taxable Income £ 12,525.00  £ 1,043.75  $ 20,040.00  $ 1,670.00
National Insurance £   1,532.64  £    127.72  $  2,452.22  $    204.35
PAYE/Tax £   2,505.00  £    208.75  $  4,008.00  $    334.00
Total Deductions £   4,037.64  £    336.47  $  6,460.22  $    538.35
 Salary £40000 Yearly  Monthly 
Taxable Income £ 32,525.00  £ 2,710.42  $ 52,040.00  $ 4,336.67
National Insurance £   3,932.64  £    327.72  $ 6,292.22  $    524.35
PAYE/Tax £   6,505.00  £    542.08  $ 10,408.00  $    867.33
Total Deductions £ 10,437.64  £    869.80  $ 16,700.22  $ 1,391.69
 Salary£ 55000 Yearly  Monthly 
Taxable Income £ 47,525.00  £ 3,960.42  $ 76,040.00  $ 6,336.67
National Insurance £   4,481.04  £    373.42  $ 7,169.66  $    597.47
PAYE/Tax £ 12,010.00  £ 1,000.83  $ 19,216.00  $ 1,601.33
Total Deductions £ 16,491.04  £ 1,374.25  $ 26,385.66  $ 2,198.81

Remember the dollar sucks right now and £40K is a nice salary by all means but handing over £16K hurts and to think paying almost £4K/$6K in national health insurance for the year - WOW. Talk about the people picking up the tab.  I am all for national health insurance but I also don't think because you make more you pick up more of the tab - keep it equal.

Just like benefits.  Right now a single mom can make 40K a year and still get child tax benefits and working tax credits ect...If you are married - nada.  Firstly if you are making 40K a year you shouldn't get benefits.
This is where I think the UK is wrong. I think it should be a tax deduction % for each parent (no jointly filing in this country) to get some tax back you PAID in.  Now if you don't work and you are on benefits already such as housing and whatever else then obviously you won't get a chunk back as you only get what you pay in.  I am not saying starve the kids! The benefit system here gives people 4 bedroom houses and enough money to take vacations if they don't work (not all people but enough).  Now in the states if you were on benefits we were talking section 8 and food stamps - scraping by and if you wanted to get money and further in life you had to get a JOB.

I went off a slight tangent here obviously and I am sure some may not agree with me and that's fine - that is why this is my opinion and my blog.

snow wife

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