Thursday, 16 August 2012

The House Hunt

Well I have been house hunting for years but just recently it seems that Prince Charming has got on board for real, real!

We live in a matchbox - seriously. I have never lived someone so small but its an experience right?

So I have this list called, "All I want" because PC always says, "Oh its all you want but what about xyz."  HA so yes it became a list.

We have a looked at a few houses but the last one I said oh perfect this lil freaking room could become the master bathroom aka en suite. He said why there is a bathroom right here? UMMMM Do you hear me? This was my very first ALL I WANT - I want/need my own bathroom.  I don't like sharing towels or bathroom stuff. I want to keep my make up and stuff in the bathroom NOT on the dresser in the bedroom.
Please god get me a shaver plug too (110v) so I can plug in my toothbrush in the bathroom not the kitchen once a week!

Sorry I got carried away....

PC says thats nuts so I say then lets move on because I dont want this house if I cant have my own bathroom.  Deal breaker? I was like Yep.

So if it happens I *will* get my bathroom and the plans in my head include a walk in closet too since it is a small room to make into shower room and closet LOL

Give me an inch and I will take a mile when it comes to "all I want".

snow wife

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