Sunday, 11 August 2013

Diaper/Nappy rash, say what?

I swore PC was a bit off his rocker when he said diaper/nappy rash cream was used for spots/acme.  I read the container and by gosh all mighty it is!  I have been using it now for months when I feel a pimple coming on, it works!  Never in a million years would I have ever done this or even looked at rash cream but I swear try it. Cheap alternative to all those little tubes of pimple/spot crap. 

Go on then let me know how it works for you! Don't believe me? Here is the container :)
Ok it's sideways so turn your head...

snow wife

Monday, 5 August 2013

Sing sing along. Everyone now

Ok I listen to the radio a lot! I now must admit a few things...
I like the new Miley Cirus (sp?) song!  Dammit
I also like the new Demi Lavado (sp?) song! Dammit
I like One Direction and follow Harry in Vine! Dammit
I like Iconic Pop's song - a lot even if it makes no sense!  Dammit

At any given moment I want to hear Blurred Lines By Mr. Thicke himself! I LOVE it!  Dammit

Yay the bubblegum pop music I love and I admit it well I bet you like them too :-p

Go in google them if you don't know the songs. Thank me later

snow wife

Saturday, 3 August 2013


I am thankful I am not a teenager or a high maintenance adult. I can leave my house without makeup and hair up in a pony tail. Why? I am comfortable being me. 

I can remember the days I had to shower and put makeup on before I would think of leaving the house or anyone seeing me.  Thank god I am not a teenager because it takes HOURS to get ready. No thank you

One day when you get comfortable in your own skin, you too will love it!

Snow wife