Monday, 30 April 2012


Just let me bitch and rant!  Sometimes I want to miss things and not give a rats ass why England doesn't do it that way but I want to bitch.

You can't stop me - don't try.

I miss the drive thru bank - yes I do! Instead I have to fight to park in small parking spots like forever away to walk into the "high" street to go deposit a check into my bank. F that - I want pull up do other crap while I wait in line.  Don't go on and on about how England would never purpose build a drive thru bank or it would have to close others down. THAT IS NOT THE POINT.

I am not always looking for a solution, I just want to have a rant.  I miss things from the US and from how life as I have always known it so let me.  Try to understand it WAS my way of life and now I am kicked back to pioneer times (in MY mind at least).

I mean seriously I got stupidly excited when I saw a drive thru Starbucks because the only drive thru's are McDonalds and KFC - BLAH....

So while or shall I say whilst I know England doesn't do it BUT they should and just let me think this in my own little world.

One more example: Fiber Optic Internet I mean good god I have never had Internet speeds this slow in my life but its all "broadband" aka DSL because it uses the phone line.  The phone lines are 500 years old and they get "interference and noise" and it slows down during busy times. FFS come on, we are hosting the Olympics but we can't get fiber optics everywhere?

sorry I needed a B&R obviously.

snow wife

*NOT all things are bad in England and some are good but this is a B&R post so don't tell me to live in the moment lol

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Smell my feet

Smell my feet are not the words I don't think will ever come out of my mouth now that I am over the age of 12 but this is a phrase I am sure to hear.

Ok I never was a big fan of Tom's shoes, maybe because I never tried them on but they looked like wanna be keds from back in the days.

Now they have these shoes called Flossy's and the smell of flavors! Seriously?   I believe the red ones smell like strawberries.  This gives a whole new meaning to smell my feet.

Who came up with this brilliant marketing scheme? People who flock to buy shoes that smell good but I want to know who is near your feet long enough to smell them?  The smell fades obviously.  I actually was going to get the dwarfs the little spray for your car that smells of strawberries so I can spray their trainers. HA

The funny think is they are not as expensive as Tom's which means I will most likely break down and buy a pair because hey a girl always needs shoes right? If they smell good - BONUS!

snow wife

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Oh no it happened...

Two things
1. I got a job - its a teenager job but it is a job none the less and it can prove I can work with the British.
2. I spoke some words I swore I never would.

<insert sigh here>

For 8.5 hours a day I have been speaking to folks passing by and chatting ect.. I have always said there are certain things I will never say like tea is not a meal and I still stick by that. Although I did say Nae Bother. Someone shoot me now!
I have had dreams about this one statement.  It sounds like Knee Bother which is No Bother but I said Nae! I actually gasped a little.

Up next was TA good god is it the acoplyspse? TA I don't like TA - I much prefer thank you but TA seems so lazy to me but I said it - yes I did.  What's next? Calling a tank top a vest? Oh the shame!

I don't want to be THAT American who uses British words because I am sure I sound like a right twat HA now that's a British word I love which means I sounds like an ass.

Let's hope I can get over this hurdle without other things sneaking into my vocab.  I have done well all these years but soon as you start to work with the actual public it goes to shit or shite as it is known here.

snow wife

Monday, 2 April 2012

I am not Italian but....

The British need to figure out what a Stromboli is because here it is all wrong.

I mean a Stromboli is "made with a square shaped pizza dough that can be topped with any pizza toppings and is then rolled into a log and baked."  You may have tomato sauce (NO not ketchup) on the side for dipping if you choose but the sauce doesn't belong on the Stromboli!

Go on check wikipedia as I quoted it above as well.

Now I am taking one example of a restaurant here that I have been too and I got excited for a Stromboli and then I read the description: 
Stromboli - 8.95Pepperoni on a mozzarella and tomato base.We'll add extra chillies if you like it hot.
What the heck? tomato base Oy Vey

This is what a Stromboli should look like:

I know I am a picky eater but I didn't make up what a Stromboli was, the British just adapted to be a pizza and call it a Stromboli because I can't tell the difference.  Then again I do like pizza but let's not get started on that subject ;-)

snow wife