Saturday, 27 April 2013

Blank tipping

Well a few of us were out on a walk and a funny thing happened...

We walked past a field type area and it had a sign that said, "no fly tipping" and I was puzzled. WTF is fly tipping?

Me being me said to my English friends, "ok I know what cow tipping is but what is fly tipping?" Without missing a beat,one says no dumping like rubbish. I was giggling internally.

My other English friend that was there was round ours today and confessed she found it hilarious. Then it turned into maybe flicking a fly when it was still was like fly tipping.

How the hell is fly tipping = no dumping? HA

Too funny some of these odd British words :)

snow wife

Monday, 15 April 2013

Posh or a tool?

I personally think I sound like a tool...
Oh I don't mean in general but when I use British words for the sake of conversation or the person I am talking too. So I don't because I don't want to be a tool aka douchebag...
British person (BP): ohh I don't know if I can cut my fringe...
ME: I could never have bangs again because they take to long to grow out!

That is a prime example. Now if I would have said fringe it would be fake and awkward. That would make me a tool.
I feel you should only use words that come naturally, if you have to think, it sounds bad.
I do say knackered but that's natural as I use normally now but never fringe or petrol.

So be true to yourself or you are a tool aka douche.

snow wife