Friday, 25 February 2011

Life is Crazy but only sometimes

I always say man I am boring...I am not a busy person EVER, I just organize time very well or I thought I did.
Then life happens such as a hubster, dwarfs, family, and extended family - WHAM my time is all over the place.
I am not complaining so don't read into this but it is so different when you are going backwards and forwards everyday and all over the board. Dinner? who thinks of dinner? Hell breakfast? what's that? Ohhh coffee? nope been off buying it since I have been trying to get my sleep instead of getting up.
Some nights I am not falling asleep till 3 and 4 in the morning due to my brain NOT shutting up!
I know write it down and forget it but seriously it doesn't work that way for me.
All I can do is embrace the life I have and see the bright side of busy-ness because I am sure it will get busier!
I will say nothing makes me happier then to see the hubster sleeping on the couch
or hearing the dwarfs play happily upstairs.

Life is crazy no doubt and I feel I lose touch with friends because life gets in the way - I am sorry. Just call whenever, if I am busy I will say so ;-)

snow wife

Monday, 14 February 2011

The perfect cup of Joe

Yes I know it is Valentine's Day and who blogs about coffee on such a loving day, well I do.
I think Valentine's is great but I also feel you should do this everyday not just one day such as random flowers, cards and the occasionally breakfast in bed.
This leads me to the perfect cup of Joe aka coffee.

I have never ever been the type of person who would touch instant coffee although in my experience British people will ask for instant because it is standard. It is a better grade the the US instant water garbage but no thanks I prefer the drip coffee at all costs.
We do have a pretty kick ass machine that will grind the beans and go on at a certain time (which I have never read the manual to make it do this yet).

I love flavored coffee. Full Stop.
I love flavored creamers. Full Stop

Can you find this easily? NO NO and NO
Thank goodness for friends and family who can feel my pain and send me flavored coffee and creamers. Even my wonderful hubster knows how much I love flavored coffee and I got some in my stocking that are BEANS so I can grind them...awww heaven.

I am not sure why the British haven't got hip with the idea of flavored creamers considering in London there are coffee shops on every corner - no kidding.
The big names are:
Cafe Nero
Pret a Manger
Esquire Coffee
Plus there are a TON of smaller ones everywhere. So obviously the UK does like it's coffee and I am guessing it isn't just flat white coffee. Doesn't anyone see the market for creamers? I sure do.
International Delight makes tons of flavors but a few of my favorite ones are:

So since I don't have access to these beautiful creamers I learn new ways to make some kick butt coffee, yes a cheater way.
I head to a big warehouse store where the coffee shops by the pump syrup and get a bottle of Caramel syrup. I now own a milk frother that you just add milk and pump. You must also have some good coffee to make and I do prefer Taylor's of Harrogate if you can't get the good US stuff.
1. Store your coffee in your fridge in an air tight container
2. Use fresh filtered water
3. Make it fresh each day

1/2 teaspoons of said syrup, frothy no-fat milk and 3/4 cup of coffee = 1 happy camper.
Now this is the simple morning routine but below are a few links to recipes to make your own flavored coffee's as well. (Yes I used to use carnation condensed milk as a creamer but man the fat content in that is INSANE!)

Gingerbread Latte
Spiced Pumpkin Lattee
Make your own Creamer

So go on and try making a flavored cup of coffee oh and a small hint...if you have pumpkin pie spice when you add coffee to the filter sprinkle it on before brewing and it will taste like pumpkin.

What is your secret to a perfect cup of Joe, without going out to buy it?

snow wife
"Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds."

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Proper attire for working out...

Yeah I don't have proper attire for working out...Those are just excuses really aren't they?
All my life I get all high and mighty and need a pair of Nike training pants, a sweat proof shirt and heck even comfy socks oh and maybe a new pair of trainers...
Not any more

I have these things but honestly I can't be bothered to change into it as it just takes time and I don't want too.

So I exercise in my undies I do. I have my PJ's on maybe with a pair of boy shorts and I grab my sports bra and go.

I stand in my living room and sweat with Bob and Jillian and let me tell you they are ruthless! This makes things simple.
1. Wake up grab sports bra wonder downstairs
2. Make coffee - have a cup or two
3. Drink some water go to the toilet
4. Weigh in with Wii Fit
5. Put in Biggest Loser and sweat your ass off!
6. Drink more water

Tada burned 315 calories in 50 minutes and now I can take a shower and do my day. It sucks to have the apple figure and I swear I have fought with it by whole life and Wii is the only thing I actually like doing. I may join the gym for the classes and to mix it up plus I kinda like the treadmill - we will see.

What is my motivation?
If we want to add more dwarfs to our family I want to drop some weight before adding more on - that is what is motivating me - drop a stone (14 lbs).

What motivates you?
What do you do to fit in a workout?
What do you do to make yourself "move" and "sweat" ?
Sometimes it is sooooo boring but moving is grooving so just do it!

Oh how I wish I liked eggs...Meals and food is a whole other subject

snow wife

I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. ~Rita Rudner