Sunday, 5 August 2012

Awww suck it

Is what I feel like saying sometimes.  I do always try to see the positive things of most things but there are these details that crawl under my skin and I can't shake them - EVER!
Being an educated expat wife, mom, stepmom and friend is stupid hard but we just plow on and smoosh a smile on our face.
I am educated yet I can't find a job so I feel as if I am sponging of PC and I always feel bad spending "his" money.  Yes I know its "our" money and he doesn't say don't but I have never lost this sense of independence.
I don't have the same friend circle even after all these years here which kinda sucks too.
I have gained weight and feel miserable but don't have the money to spend on a gym because at this point I think this is what I need.
Am I a good wife? I hope so even with my snotty moments I am sure he loves me to pieces.
Mom/Stepmom? I say hell yes I am as our life revolves around their health and happiness.  Sometimes I still don't feel good enough.  I am sure this is my own hang up but it is what it is - right?

Thank goodness I drive and have that freedom or I might have killed someone by now!

snow wife

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