Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Babies R U

Seriously they are everywhere...Yes I am jealous, I admit it.  At work I see pregnant women everywhere - seriously, everywhere.  I see all the cute prams/strollers and little kids on leashes (ha).  Munchkins in little tom's so excited to be walking and it is adorable.

It seems everyone got knocked up at the same time last year.  I see some people WAY old that are pregnant (I am talking gray hair now).  I flip and flop now on whether I want to cross that bridge.  Some days I can't imagine my life without our own child and then others I am like screw it, we can be selfish!  I kinda like our life and having the freedom that comes with having older dwarfs so I dont know if I want to give that up.

Oh plus I am no spring chicken anymore. I don't know if we are both ready to be those "old" parents.  Our dwarf now talks how so and so parents are preggo and they are like "old" and it will be weird.  YES these are people our age...Sooooo until I wrap my head around this I guess we just go on and get older haha

Meantime I can still be jealous of all the new mommies out there and you can't stop me ;-)

snow wife

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