Friday, 7 June 2013

One of *those* moms/mam/mum's ect...

I am an ex-smoker as I don't smoke 20 a day anymore because it stinks and the cost is insane oh and I should say its bad for your health too!  I occasionally partake in a smoke or two when drinking or when I feel like it because I am an adult *stomping foot on the ground* and I will do what I want!

Sorry I got carried away there... back to my point, yes I did have one.

So I no longer smoke and I am thankful for that because I see SO many smokers who light up right outside the grocery store or while pushing their strollers/buggy's/prams down the street and it is hanging out of their mouth - YUCK.

I saw today a mom/mum/mam in a ONSIE with a smoke hanging out of her mouth while/whilst pushing a baby in a stroller/buggy/pram and walking her toddler to school.  I thought, "good god if you could see what trash you look like right now."

I am not saying this is a British thing but the British do walk around more then the Americans because here you walk your kid to school because it is close enough.

Its still gross as people don't realise/realize how nasty this looks and stinks.  Gosh I used to smell like that ALL the time *sigh*  glad I don't anymore.

snow wife

Keep it real folks!

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