Thursday, 10 May 2012

Poorly Puppy

So our puppy LOVE water, he would run around in it all day if you let him.  We have had shit tons of rain which its like mini heaven for the furdwarf and of course he was bound to drink some of this water.  Say it with me Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  It is not clean good water but some water that sits on god know what but puppy/dogs will be puppy/dogs and you can't change it.

Well it has upset the stomach, say it with me Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn - NOT.  Touch of diarrhea which is always fun to try and clean up (can you say spray hose?).  So I went to the grocery store looking for Pedialyte to ensure furdwarf was hydrated and of course it isn't sold here.  So I searched the baby isle looking for ANYTHING like this and there was nothing.  So I asked the pizza lady, who is awesome and super friendly and she said it is called Dioralyte BUT you have to get it at the pharmacy counter.

I tottle off to the pharmacy counter and ask for this stuff and it goes like this:
Me: Do you have dioralyte?
PharmAsst: Yes, it is a powder
Me: Great I would like some please
PA: Raspberry or Black Current
Me: oh it doesn't matter its for my puppy as I want to make sure he is hydrated
PA: Sorry we cant sell it to you
Me: What?
PA: we cant prescribe vet medicine
Me: I don't want a prescription, this is a kids drink and I have known my whole life that its ok for a dog to drink this as it restore electrolytes.
PA: I will have to check - hold on
Me: (rolling my eyes) ok
PA: Did a vet tell you it was ok
Me: yes in the states, this is common
PA: (asking pharmacist who is hidden) and says ok we can do this

All for a 2.39 quid drink - dumbest thing ever.  I was in the pet shop getting puppy food and talking to them about this and they said oh its crazy.  They wont sell you gauze with vaseline stuff if you say its for your dog because they don't do vet medicine.  So of course we all say yep for my kid or yep its for me.

So lame.

snow wife

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