Friday, 30 September 2011

Pub Quiz/Trivia Naming Game?

Have you ever participated in trivia aka pub quiz? I bet you are thinking the NTN kind above a bar (if you are in the US) but I am not talking about that kind of quiz.

I am talking the kind of quiz where you get a free pitcher of beer for coming up with "worst" team name.  That in dumb terms means the crudest most obnoxiously gross team name.

I have heard a few and cringed but it's so darn funny you have to laugh!

I would love to mention them here but I think it would be more fun to think of all of your brains kicking into 3rd gear coming up with a good bad one.

The kind where your team earns 5 points towards the overall score if 1 person on your team pays for and takes a shot...

Yes people these are Americans drinking as such and not the British!  British bars don't do pitchers or cheap good shots IMO

Go on google it - you know you want too. What is your crudest name that you can think of?

snow wife

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Albert Einstein 

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