Friday, 18 May 2012

I'm a loser baby

Ever have one of those days or even nights where you just feel like a loser? Yeah me too.
As you may have figured out I am an expat which mean an American living in another country.  Talk about compromise right?  Well many years on I still can't get a decent job.  I want a "real" job that makes "real" money.  I have had a job since I was 15 and made real money my entire adult life but that doesn't seem in the cards here but I can keep looking.

I don't want to work for 6-7 an hour as a "manageress" (the title alone is stupid) or "manager" in a retail shop where I will be stuck working nights and weekends.  I did that shit in my younger years and it made me miserable so why in the world would I want it now?

I am not giving up looking but FFS this blows.  Maybe I should go to a more populated area like London because where we are there isn't anything.  I could always commute to the states HA wouldn't that be nice but that won't happen.

I am just having a moment and feeling down again which makes me a loser and not many people get it.  I don't need the anyone saying, "oh it will get better" or "something will come up" because that just makes me mad.  I am educated and have some great work experience so this shouldn't be as hard as it is but oh well right?

Maybe I should just open a small pub with breakfast tacos ;-P With this economy? That would be stupid I know...I will just struggle on and just hope to live on the breadcrumbs of part time wages which blows if you didn't figure that out.

snow wife


  1. I spent 2 years in Dublin feeling like a total loser, so I completely understand. It was better once I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to find anything, but that loser feeling never went away.

  2. Thanks Kim. I guess I should just accept it but my prince C won't. I would think Dublin and London would be more jobs... I guess It's the grass greener thing. I can't pick up and go back to the US. I am envious of you right now as it's all falling into place :-)
    I just don't know what to do.