Friday, 1 June 2012

Not Always Easy Peasy

A lot of people can pick up and move and never have growing pains, I thought I was one of them.  I got along just fine and never really blinked or looked back because I was happy.  Most other expats say the first year or two are the hardest and that may be true for them but not me.
My hard time came when life really happened and job hunting and realising it wasn't going to be easy and you either suck it up or bail.  Bailing isn't an option because no matter how much it can suck I love that Prince Charming of mine.
I don't think I could even live back in the US because it would be reverse culture shock.  I like England as much as I pick on it once in awhile because of the quarks, well quarks to me.  I would prefer better weather and of course some Mexican food ohh and throw in my friends and family to visit whenever they want or I want and it would be perfect! HA Why isn't that time machine made yet?
Sometimes you just need a moment and take the time to realise the loss of what you know and talk it out and that's what I am doing.  I miss things and life as I knew it but you can't harp on it or you can never move forward.  Buck up young one and move on...

I am a very lucky girl because I get to see my best friends very soon and that is the goal I needed to look forward too or I am not sure I would be as happy go lucky.  Can you say Friends? Bud Light? Pool? Mexican? These are the things that make my world go round

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