Saturday, 23 June 2012

I think my husband needs a Grey tie

Do you know what I am referring too? If you are a woman then you should, Fifty shades of Grey.  Good god it is amazing!  There are 3 books and they can be quite intense but I still think I need to get my Prince Charming a grey silk tie (go read the book).

I have been told the next books to read are Anne Rice, The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy which since I have a Prince Charming may be good fun.  I was also told to read Exit to Eden, yes they made a comedy about that book with Rosie O'Donnel but the book I guess is quite erotic.

Who would have thought boring old me would be reading and loving these books? EL James did.
All the women of the world I believe will own and read these books.  Mine will never be lent to anyone as I am planning on rereading them.

What do you think?

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