Monday, 11 June 2012

Leaving is hard to do

Good god you would think I was leaving my first born whilst I jet off for vacation ahem I mean holiday!  Well I guess he is my first born just not by me but I am having mini nervous breakdowns about leaving him for 7 nights - about how he will be scarred for life ect... He won't, I know this but I am a freak and I admit it.

He is going to have a fabulous time with his dog sitter here at home and then he gets to go on vacation ahem holiday to the big dog sitters where he will be with other dogs swimming and massive play times! No it isn't a kennel - bite your tongue! It is a home boarder and she is fabulous.  He stayed there one night not to long ago and when we picked him up, he slept for an entire day.  So much puppy fun he was falling asleep sitting up - priceless.  So I feel better to know he has playtime coming up and will be well knackered by the time Prince Charming picks him up.

Still leaving is hard to do when its your baby, furbaby or not ;-)

snow wife

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