Monday, 4 June 2012


I don't have my own biological kids and most likely never will so I have a fur baby.  He is my fur child so get over it.  I will post pictures of what we do and accomplishments he completes because for me, he is my fur baby.  It makes me happy - full stop.  I love seeing pictures of puppies and a planning play dates and going places just like you would with your kids.  We do go places with my step dwarfs but now I feel apart of something that is mine and that is my puppy.
I may be a geek.  I am sad.  I may be a loser but I am loved and something that is only 40 pounds makes me stupid happy and I don't want to apologise for it.
I am that person who posts pictures of my dog - ignore it if it bugs you ;-)

This isn't a mean post by any means but understand he is like my child.  He gets feed 3X a day, I hire puppy sitters, get play dates and we have days out.  He just listens better then some kids HA well sometimes ;-)

Ya know that saying? Love me, Love my dog....Never been a truer statement.

Snow Wife

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