Saturday, 3 March 2012

1852 Pioneer Times

My husband said something the other day that was pure crazy and I almost enquired about having him committed to a mental institute but I found out in the UK a spouse can't check another spouse in against their will *damn*.

Our power has decided to cut out every once in awhile especially when I use the dryer.  So  he says,
" Why don't you NOT use the dryer?"
after I got up from fainting I went on to explain that I know England can feel like 1852 pioneer times but I am a 21st century girl and I want to move forward.

Not using a dryer to me is like having separate taps or your washing machine in your kitchen or having form size fridges - oh wait we do.  There is only so far I can go with this living in pioneer times and not using a dryer isn't one of them.  I can't imagine with a puppy and children having wet towels hanging about and underwear on the radiators (that really aren't one right now).  OMG I see me re-doing laundry a lot with crap on the clean clothes.  Oh hang them outside? Duh hey didn't I think of that. Oh I did but I have a puppy who likes to jump up and pull it off and around the patio and on his pee.  I say no thanks.

So yeah let's skip the pioneer times - for pete's sake I have DSL!!!

So women of the 21st century I don't want a lecture on how I am hurting the environment by using a dryer because honestly it makes me happy ;-)

Remember: I am not just a wife
snow wife


  1. Now that I'm back, I really only use my dryer for towels and sheets. BUT, I also have a space where I can hang my clothes on a rack and not have to work around it or even see it if I don't want to. Yesterday the cat threw up on the duvet and we were so thankful she never did that in Dublin. I would have had to take the thing to the laundromat since it wouldn't have fit in the washer and we had no place to hang it up!

  2. Kim - I am betting you have way more room then you had when you were in Ireland? I don't mind hanging it out to dry but just need more room. I just won't be the one to hang stuff on racks throughout the house - it takes to long and when I am cleaning, I want it done now! ha

    I also bet you have a dishwasher now ;-)