Wednesday, 5 September 2012

NHS Dentist Rant

Ok I know everyone makes jokes about the British and their teeth and I understand why now since the dentists need to stop being assholes.

There are three NHS charge bands.
  • Band 1: £17.50 includes an examination, diagnosis and advice. If necessary, it also includes X-rays, a scale and polish and planning for further treatment. 
  • Band 2: £48 includes all treatment covered by Band 1, plus additional treatment, such as fillings, root canal treatment and removing teeth (extractions). 
  • Band 3: £209 includes all treatment covered by Bands 1 and 2, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures and bridges. 
Ok so you can go to the dentist 1X a year on the NHS and below are the bands. So band 1 is what you  are going on to have them check your teeth really since the other stuff is if necessary. WTF?

The first time I went to the dentist here he literally touched my teeth (no tool) and said yeah you look good. Ummmm you have NEVER seen me, don't know my history and didn't take x-rays as a new patient? STRIKE !

The next year I went and requested a cleaning when I booked my appointment and I had to ASK the dentist to clean my teeth and he did just the front 4.  STRIKE!
At least he took x-rays because he said let's take some x-rays as we haven't done it in awhile. I said how about you never have. HA STRIKE!

So this year I called up and said I would like to schedule a check-up and cleaning.I was told we don't do cleaning unless the dentist thinks it is needed.  I said I will pay for it. You will have to see the dentist first. WTF

SO I cancelled my appointment and I am going to a private dentist to have ALL my teeth cleaned and pay for it which I am happy to do.

I have white decent teeth and I put this all to 2X a year cleaning, flossing and brushing my own teeth oh and having fluoride in our water growing up.  Here they don't but don't do fluoride treatments unless needed. Again WTF

This shit annoys me because preventive dentist treatment is always better then waiting for it to get so bad you need work done. 

I feel like I have to not floss and get my teeth shitty to hope they will clean them.  Unlike in the states you flossed like crazy so you dentist wouldn't yell at you for not taking care of your teeth.

Come on England dentists pull your thumb out!

Just another rant
snow wife

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