Monday, 19 December 2011


See I have always said Merry Christmas or to be politically correct Happy Holidays just so you won't offend someone.  I always hated in business you had to say Happy holidays in case someone got mad over MERRY Christmas.

Oh England you have some funny ways and some actually annoy the shit out of me.

Happy Christmas - ok don't worry, be happy. Just different but I caught myself saying it!

Crimbo? good god this seems lazy too me - you can't call it Christmas?   This annoys me

Pressie - another lazy term - This annoys me

I mean I get slang and I know how to abbreviate but those above are ridiculous in my book and if this offends - sorry.

I am sure some American ways annoy you - we I know they do I have read the daily mail articles. ;-)

snow wife
I find Freddie so cute! Even though they say Christmas pud instead of pudding ;-)

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