Friday, 10 September 2010

I am not just a wife...

I am not just a wife, I am:
a daughter
a big sister
a step sister
an aunt
a stepmother
a partner
a second wife
a ex-wife
a friend
a worker
a boss

I am feel as though sometimes everyone wants you to be pigeoned holed into a role such as wife. Well there are too many roles in my life to confine myself to one because I am all of them. I believe you have to learn to balance all of these and live as though they are one or you will drive yourself crazy.
I will be posting here as I am not just a wife but so much more...
You will learn a bit about me (not too much) and the trials of what it means to be in each of those roles and how sometimes it is wonderful and sometimes it sucks.

Until next time...
the wife

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