Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Food...All expats talk food, we can't help it.

Well whether you know it or not I love and I mean love Mexican food.
I want to present and educate people who don't know what Mexican food is and maybe link a few recipes...
BUT wait there is more. Its such a suspense thing and you have to wait till the end.

There is such joy in good queso, guacamole and lightly salted thin tortillas chips presented to you before your meal and having it with a Mexican Martini. For your meal (anytime of day) you can have Breakfast Tacos (think bacon, sausage, bean, potato, cheese, egg), Fajitas, Regular Tacos, Burritos, Chimichangas, Flautas, Enchiladas, Chile Relleno or Quesadillas.

Now if you are outside the United States to make a few of these things can be not so easy.
So let's take a few things.
1. Queso - I always used Velvetta and Rotell but there has to be other ways!
Here is a cheat, I just needed an cheese sauce easy recipe to use when in a pinch or this one which would be ok too!

2. Mexican Chicken Soup - One of my favorite things to make - YUM!

3. Chicken Enchiladas - This was a decent recipe and you can change it up as needed.

Ok now that you have an idea of what Mexican is to me and a few recipes I can move on...
I would kill for a Mexican restaurant or would love to even open one which maybe in my 7 year plan, we will see. For now what is a girl to do when she has cravings?

Eat Indian! It's everywhere! I have come to love it loads. It doesn't taste anything like Mexican but it has that kick that is awesome.
I am not an expert on Indian but I can tell you what I do like.
1. Chicken Vindaloo - every place does it different so it can be tricky and some can be quite HOT

2. Lime Pickle is my absolute favorite if it is HOT on a poppadom! It is like my chips and salsa.
Recipe is here or buy this kind

3. Bombay Aloo - good potato recipe

4. Chicken Makhani/Indian Butter Chicken - One of my Favorites and then I get a side of vindaloo to give me a spicy dipping sauce.

You must have naan bread to soak up the sauce and it can help cool down your mouth as well.

Well now that I have made myself hungry maybe I will have some M&S chicken fajitas tonight - they are decent for being store bought.

I am always up for hearing about an excellent recipe that has some spice but wont take me tons of money and ingredients to make.

what's yours?

snow white

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