Thursday, 12 July 2012


If you haven't heard of this dogs name then you live under a rock.

Please google save lennox even if it is too late for this poor boy, there are others.

No animal should be taken from a home without a good reason and a measurement is not one.

This story breaks my heart for the family and Lennox. Us as a human race failed to protect a harmless animal. We failed as being superior. Belfast council are complete assholes and I hope this haunts them all their days. Maybe it will be the same fear poor lennox had being kept in a windowless cement cell with no affection and just waiting. Who wants to sleep on saw dust a next to where you poop. :-(

This law needs to be abolished as it is discrimination FFS how is it right against a defenseless animal?

I am so sad an angry. I hope everyone gets involved to fix this for other animals that never did anything but be born. or

Angry snow wife

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