Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Is a hard day I would say for most Americans as I would think we all know where we were.   Is it the same for everyone around the world?  I know exactly where I was, I lost a friend that day. He would have been a fabulous dad if he would have been given a chance. So many life's lost, so many families torn apart.
The smoke came into New Jersey and I remember working to help feed families who were distraught not knowing anything but hanging into hope. It was the worse feeling ever. 
Every year when the tributes start and the pictures show up in my newsfeed a tug happens and it's a tug at my heart. I can't stop it even all these years later it still causes a few tears. 
It is true, "we will never forget."
I wear my bracelet proudly to remember and it is a day we must have learned from an to teach the next generation.   I am telling my dwarfs about it and watching the movie because it can never happen again- anywhere. 

snow wife

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