Friday, 10 May 2013

Ok ok chill

Obviously renovation work is a bitch but we are doing it. We figured out why I want to cut his tongue out and shove it down his throat...communication lol duh
See for approx 30 years of my life things have been a certain way but England is obviously different.
Example time:
Door knobs here in the house ONLY turn left which I thought the knob was broke. It's not, it's normal - here.
So I of course brought this up saying they were weird and I got a lecture on how it's right and then a lecture on why its right. Well I never said it was wrong, just weird. Still why does it have to be weird? Well again 30 something years my knobs always go both ways so its weird to me.
Allow things to still be weird for me. So now he does. I am not looking for Why or Reasons. I am just stating its weird for me. Thankyouverymuch

So now we have that settled and discussions happen on the next plan because we both aren't mind readers, things are moving along just fine.

PS I still need a real JOB with real cash money - anyone ?

Snow wife

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