Monday, 19 September 2011

I paid the priority too!

So when you fly on a certain airline you can pay to be checked in early so you can board the airline first and get a choice seat - SCORE!

I always pay the 10 bucks because it is totally worth it.  Obviously some think they are entitled to sooo much more and act as if it is first class...ummm it isn't.

To the bored young girlfriend sitting next to me word of advice.
If you didn't think your shit didn't stink I would have shared one of my $4 magazines so you wouldn't be ohh so bored.  So sorry your drink vouchers expired but for shits sake you are not any better then anyone else already on the plane.

So to those who fly a lot like me...It pays to be nice to the flight attendants and people around you because you might get someone who will share a magazine or buy you a free drink. It happens, I know because I have been upgraded and given free drinks WHY? I am nice and not a stuck up bitch.

Be Kind!

snow wife
Fly the friendly skies

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