Saturday, 21 April 2012

Smell my feet

Smell my feet are not the words I don't think will ever come out of my mouth now that I am over the age of 12 but this is a phrase I am sure to hear.

Ok I never was a big fan of Tom's shoes, maybe because I never tried them on but they looked like wanna be keds from back in the days.

Now they have these shoes called Flossy's and the smell of flavors! Seriously?   I believe the red ones smell like strawberries.  This gives a whole new meaning to smell my feet.

Who came up with this brilliant marketing scheme? People who flock to buy shoes that smell good but I want to know who is near your feet long enough to smell them?  The smell fades obviously.  I actually was going to get the dwarfs the little spray for your car that smells of strawberries so I can spray their trainers. HA

The funny think is they are not as expensive as Tom's which means I will most likely break down and buy a pair because hey a girl always needs shoes right? If they smell good - BONUS!

snow wife

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