Monday, 2 April 2012

I am not Italian but....

The British need to figure out what a Stromboli is because here it is all wrong.

I mean a Stromboli is "made with a square shaped pizza dough that can be topped with any pizza toppings and is then rolled into a log and baked."  You may have tomato sauce (NO not ketchup) on the side for dipping if you choose but the sauce doesn't belong on the Stromboli!

Go on check wikipedia as I quoted it above as well.

Now I am taking one example of a restaurant here that I have been too and I got excited for a Stromboli and then I read the description: 
Stromboli - 8.95Pepperoni on a mozzarella and tomato base.We'll add extra chillies if you like it hot.
What the heck? tomato base Oy Vey

This is what a Stromboli should look like:

I know I am a picky eater but I didn't make up what a Stromboli was, the British just adapted to be a pizza and call it a Stromboli because I can't tell the difference.  Then again I do like pizza but let's not get started on that subject ;-)

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