Saturday, 14 April 2012

Oh no it happened...

Two things
1. I got a job - its a teenager job but it is a job none the less and it can prove I can work with the British.
2. I spoke some words I swore I never would.

<insert sigh here>

For 8.5 hours a day I have been speaking to folks passing by and chatting ect.. I have always said there are certain things I will never say like tea is not a meal and I still stick by that. Although I did say Nae Bother. Someone shoot me now!
I have had dreams about this one statement.  It sounds like Knee Bother which is No Bother but I said Nae! I actually gasped a little.

Up next was TA good god is it the acoplyspse? TA I don't like TA - I much prefer thank you but TA seems so lazy to me but I said it - yes I did.  What's next? Calling a tank top a vest? Oh the shame!

I don't want to be THAT American who uses British words because I am sure I sound like a right twat HA now that's a British word I love which means I sounds like an ass.

Let's hope I can get over this hurdle without other things sneaking into my vocab.  I have done well all these years but soon as you start to work with the actual public it goes to shit or shite as it is known here.

snow wife

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