Monday, 10 October 2011

Type Right - please!

I am no grammar expert and I admit that completely but I do think adding all the letters in a sentence is important after you reach a certain age and using spaces and so should you.

Ok so teenagers (some adults too) use slang and abbreviations like:
1. 2mro for tomorrow
2. g8 for great
3. cya for See Ya

I get that you're a teenager and slang is quick to type when texting but for the love of god businesses and adults should not do this daily.  I also will agree that US and UK teenagers ALL text or speak in slang but my main pet peeve is adults and businesses using this "language".  I have never seen an American business use slang on FB like I see UK businesses use daily!
Let's also have a quick recap on proper use of grammar (for you as much as me).

It's is a contraction for "it is". Its is like "his", "hers" or "theirs" and can be loosely translated as "belonging to it". When trying to decide which to use, just remember this: it's is the same as "it is". Only use it's when you are trying to abbreviate it is. In all other cases, use its (without the apostrophe).

People often confuse and misuse the words your and you're. The difference between your and you're is that you're is a contraction of "you are" whereas your means belonging to you.

There is a difference between Their and They're. While "their" means belonging to them, they're is a contraction which stands for "they are".

The words there and their are different. Even though they sound alike (they are homophones), the words have different meanings. A good way to remember the difference between there and their is the mnemonic device The place "here" with a T is "there". While "there" refers to that place, "their" means belonging to them. For example, Their van was destroyed in the accident

Than is used for comparison and Then is used in most other cases, especially when used in the context of time or the order in which events occur.  

Also when you want to write "have" it has 4 letters, it isn't "av"...I don't speak in short speak.  We don't allow our dwarfs to text us short terms or we ask what they are saying because it makes them look dumb.  I agree with using some short terms such as R U home yet? because it is one letter but some of the time it is ridiculous.

Here is a clip of a local business (which I love) but this made me cringe. 
Ladies we have had a last minute date change for a party 2mro (saturday) so we now have 10 spa day places to fill.Rebecca has already done the shopping for that lovely 3 course lunch! 

Spaces? nahhh Commas? nahhh
There was more but I didn't want to hog down this post.

I guess my point is this: Type like an educated person or at least someone who finished 5th grade.  I am not the grammar queen but by gosh I try because I don't want to look like a right yank. ;-)

snow wife
av a g8 day

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