Monday, 31 October 2011

Fancy Dancy

is not what I consider a high brand hotel here in the UK... I don't want to mention names because there have been a few I haven't stayed in and I will say it....


You heard me - PLEASE put it back. A duvet with a cover just isn't enough for me since we don't have air conditioning here I need need the sheet.  When I am warm I just want the top sheet not a big ol' duvet and cover.

Why oh why can't I have a top sheet?

Is this a conspiracy against sheets? As it is most sheets that are luxury here are 200 thread count haha go on laugh...200 thread count is luxury!

Go look at the prices and remember this is in pounds - it kills me.

Ok I am gonna go shop for some sheets and remind myself to pack my top sheet when we hit up the fancy dancy hotels.

snow wife

I think hotel slogans should be, "just do it" ok maybe that's just mine

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