Saturday, 10 November 2012

Driving Moment

Sometimes when I am driving I have that "Oh Shit" moment.  If you are not from England and don't normally drive on the "wrong" side of the road you understand what I am saying...

I actually turned left on red the other night and thought, "Oh My God - I am going to get a ticket!"  It was 11pm and honestly I never see a cop but it would have been my luck but I didn't. <phew>

I will be going to turn at an intersection and think, "Oh My God - What side am I turning onto?"

This is why I could never even have a drink and drive because I would most likely end up on the damn wrong side of the road!

Saying this I am so happy I can drive here and I have a license and didn't waste time or I would have shot myself if I couldn't drive.

Do you have driving tales? Awwww come on I know you do

Snow Wife


  1. I've been living in Aberdeen, Scotland for the past 6 months (but will be moving to London in a few months), and I refused to drive for the first month of being here. I agree with the reason for no drinking and driving. Put aside the fact that is is 100% illegal, but I am pretty sure I will either fly into a roundabout without thinking or revert back to the American ways.
    I hope it is going better for you! It's nice to read that there are others with my same fears :-)
    Debbie @

  2. I know you know already but get your license NOW before you have been here a year or you have to do the "L" thing...You don't want that. Theory was a piece of cake if you study and I took my test in an automatic as that is all we will buy here ;-) #I have been driving for over 3 years so it's second nature well unless I just get back from the states then I have to think for a week or so ;-)
    Scotland to London! WOW Awesome - I will have to check out your adventures. I have been quiet on here for a bit as I got in a slump but I promise to come back.