Monday, 8 August 2011

New location to shop? My attic?

Yeppers - the attic! I can fit back into my clothes from a few years ago.

For the few people that know me in this world my weight has always fluctuated between 135-155ish which for me was a pretty happy weight.

Few things happened in my life then add moving to a new country and WHAM the beef was adding up - I was the heaviest I have EVER been 185!  It crept up and I didn't even know it.  Well you know but honestly, "Its not that bad." Yes it was.  Soon as I saw myself in a picture I thought OH MY GOD that is me?

Oh hell no...time to do something about this.

Thank you to the Wii as it was my starting point and then I started paying attention to what was eating and chowing down on tons of fruit and veg.  It has been working.  It is no miracle and no its not an overnight thing to happen but I guess I had to take the baby steps.

I am about 10 pounds from my "self" goal.  It has taken 8 months but I am down to a happy 160 and this is without a fancy gym membership or anyone telling me I am "fat" because that shit isn't cool.

I think the encouraging thing and frustrating thing is Prince Charming doesn't say a word on it either way which I was thankful when I was "fat" but frustrated as I drop it - HA right?
I say honey I have lost 2 pounds this week...He says: you should fix that hole in your pocket

*eyeroll* At least I know he didn't marry me for my weight because let me know tell you there is more to someone then their body.  If you truly love someone, you love them for everything and support them.

Speaking of support - I had Price harming do P90X and he had to stop 5 minutes in claiming he was still too hung over. I laughed but he sat on the cough to watch me to that crazy lady Gilliam 30 day shred!

I guess I am just happy taking baby steps as it makes me feel so much better about myself and not doing it on any stupid diets.  I still drink and eat bread *gasp* and have take out!

snow wife

Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but they can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake.
Mrs. Anon

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