Monday, 29 August 2011

It's a heat wave.....somewhere

It isn't a heat wave in England - I don't care what you say.

It's August and I am sitting drinking a hot cup of tea, under a think blanket and debating on turning on the gas fireplace or heat.

Is this global warming?

The heat index in soaring to 130F/54C and has actually killed people.

Certain states have had over 100F/37C for over a month and the bacteria is running rampant in the lakes and most areas are on major water restrictions.

And England says this is a heat wave? 70F/21C nope not gonna buy it.

I miss the heat!  Now obviously, I don't want the smothering heat that lasts for months on end with a heat index of 130F but I do want to feel warm and have my toes not be freezing.

It's so bad I was making a list for packing and I didn't even put shorts on the list? How do you follow a list when you don't even think to put shorts on it?

I feel super bad for everyone suffering from all the heat but secretly I can't wait to feel that heat and then be able to escape it as well.

A British friend of mine said her version of air con is to stick her feet in a bucket of cold water and hang them out the window - surely she wouldn't last a week in the states in the crazy heat.

Stay COOL!
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